…and HERE are the pictures!

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So I was going through my phone and found A LOT of pictures that I forgot to post!  Bummer!  So, here they are with needed explanations. First off, WHAT is this?!?!?  Why was I taking this picture?  Looks quite seductive and I have NO idea why!!!  haha


I will start with the most recent promised pictures of the yummy decorative pretzles I made last night

total yumyum


…from the leftover candy-cane garnish from the peppermint martinis from the party (by the way, this new hyperlinking thing has changed my liiiiife- thanks, Linds!)

And speaking of the party, here were some blurry party people! 


…and the partay doggie stealing snack, caught in ACTION! 

And now I return you to our regularly scheduled HOLIDAY!  Here are some cool pictures from PIER ONE when I went on that awesome and efficient spree where I banged out literally ALL of my gifts in one night!  OH, and that was also the night I THOUGHT Verizon had hooked it up with a new phone… um yea, Husband didn’t even want to bring it home because he KNEW how annoyed I would be as the “new phone” we received was (drum roll please)…

…USED (or “certified like new.”  what BS!)  Oh well…at least it might hold a charge? 

OK, so back to Pier One…(and my ADD heehe) THE END RESULT:

Me in my favorite section…CLEARANCE!

Oh, and of course I had to slip in this little find (that I did NOT buy, but am SURE almost everyone who knows me since becoming a blogger thinks this)

Whatevs!  EVERYTHING is a photo op!  heehee toodles!

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