An exciting start to an exciting day!

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Wootwoot!  Last day of work/school before break!  This morning was fun, as I received some fun Christmas cheer from some special friends 😉  I got some really nice cards…

LOVE cards! Esp this one 😉

…and an awesome gift for my “hippie self” from Stephie girl!

A hippie container with soooo many yumyums!

BTW, those candy items are going RIGHT into my carry-on for Cincy!

…and here is me in the holiday cheer nibbling on an AMAZING donut hole- I LOVE the holiday munchkins at Dunkin! (insert jealous Husband here heehe)

And when I came back from lunch, some more goodies were waiting for me from a special friend 😉

Anyway, today is going to be soooo busy!  Here is a look!


Go STRAIGHT home, try to fit in a lil’ runny run

PACK for Cincy (gather gifts as well and figure out how to pack them)

Pack Oscar to go to Grandma Carol’s

Meet G-Ma Carol to “hand-off” Osc

Leave for airport by 8 PM for CINCY!

I will DEF be blogging on my vacay so look out!  Have a happy holiday humpday heheheh!

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