Welcome back, welcome back, wel-come back…

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Hey all!  Long time no blog, eh?  Boy have I missed  it you!  So I amcurrently watching Julie and Julia again (taking advantage of the rental).  Husband and I watched it last night.  It was AWESOME (and so applicable to my new blog love)!  Anyway, I definitely reccommend it- fantastic!  So, we have a LOT to catch up on!  First, on the topic of “VERY old and  repetitive news,” here are some pictures of the yummy pretzel treat bag-making experience I had.  They were a hit, by the way 😉  Wootwoot!


Linin' up the pretzels

Smashing the candy canes with my foot (and Oscar's help, of course)

End result. Done and Done. Yumyum.

Here was the amazing dinner we had that night that I meant to blog about-sorry!  It is thin crust whole wheat Boboli crust with sauce, low fat cheese, and in Husband’s case, jalepenos.  It was sooo good!  We also had raw veggies and ranch on the side.  Total yumyum.



Everyone was feeling festive that evening 😉 

After dinner, I bagged and tagged the pretzels…

I was feeling VERY domestic that evening, as I also made…

Sugar cookies for my kids at school to decorate

Baked pita strips with dip for my school holiday luncheon

Then, it was time for Cincinnatti!  I was SOOOO excited to get out of the city!  We had SUCH a great time.  It was wonderful to spend the holiday with family and Kevin and Ali were such great hosts!  Ali is doing really well and makes the cutest pregnant girl 😉  We are very excited for the new arrival!  Anyway, here are some picture highlights…

The restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner (gorgeous, by the way)

Beautiful Christmas tree

Sweet ornaments!

Sweet ornaments!

Bundled up-it was chilly!

The star of the night...the kareoke machine Kevin and Ali got for Jim and Susan- we played ALL NIGHT! So fun!

Hat and gloves to run in yay!
I got some really cool running gear (pictured to the right) to keep me warm for my outdoor treks.
Overall, we had an awesome time!  I can’t wait to see everyone again and am really excited to have a neice!  I think I’ll be a pretty cool aunt, if I say so myself 😉
Anyway, moving on, when Ian and I returned from Cincy, we had our own lil’ Christmas.  I got the BEST stocking stuffers…and I finally received my precious Road ID.  Now, if Philadelphia could only creep out of freezing temperatures for a moment, then I could try to use it!

The coveted road ID



OK, I guess that’s it for now with the recap. I PROMISE I will be a better blogger…heehee- missed you all!


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