…With a lil’ help from my friends ;-)


Today was one filled with friendship and love 😉  Heehee-cheesey but true.  After a painful morning run, I met up with my dear long-time friend, Kelly.  I went to her place, as I had not yet seen it and boy was I impressed!  It looks great!  She and her man, Mike live there and they’ve done a great job with the place.  We hung out at her house, then went to an adorable restaurant for lunch that was within walking distance under normal non-freezing conditions.  Their neighborhood is so cute.

Later in the evening, I went to Steph’s house and played with Luxy hung out with her 🙂 

Luxy Girl

Funny-she looks really small here

Deceiving camera angle

…BUT she weighs in at around 105 lbs!  Hahah!  She is so awesome.

Anyway, I am now relaxing at home with my amazing Husband. We are watching a show we actually agree on!  😉  Man Vs. Food.  Love it!

2 thoughts on “…With a lil’ help from my friends ;-)

  1. She is sooo beautiful and definitely does look small. Glad you had sad a great day with friends and fun. Shouldn’t you be resting those shins?
    P.S.I wore your shirt three days in a row, washed it yesterday, and shall wear it tomorrow! Thanks again.

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