The DROID and a cute Oscar moment


First off…we are having a lazy day and look how good at it cute Oscar is! 

So, last night, I had a Susie-Homemaker moment and made those pretzle sandwich things and they were delish!  I used not just Hershey Kisses, but also York Peppermint Patties and Reeces PB Cups

Hershey's Kisses Chocolate   

YUM YUM…Sandwiched between


Thanks, Google images!

(I obviously forgot to take my own pics…sorry!)

Anyway, they were delish and I plan to make goodie baggies with the leftover supplies from this shindig…reminder:

Remember these?


OK, moving on….So the Husband got me and AWESOME Christmas present-a much needed new phone…A DROID!

It is SWEET but I am still learning how to use it.  I am soooo stubborn that when I get new things I refuse to read the instruction manual that comes with it.  I like to learn by self-exploration!  Anyway, this “self-exploration” leads to it taking a REALLY long time for me to not hate get used to it…PS: the situation is definitely made worse by the fact that I can’t stand “not being good at stuff”

So, consensus is…I’ll get back to ya when I understand it a little more 😉

Toodles!  Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve if I don’t blog before then!  What are your plans?!?!