“Tomorrow’s a new year”


It’s not often you can say that, eh?  heehee.  Anyway, I have been reading a lot of blog posts regarding New Year’s resolutions. For instance, Lindsay’s and her sister Lisa’s goals .  I do have a few of my own and they are as follows.  But, what I would like to preface them with is the idea of one of the biggest reasons why I love blogging; it holds you accountable.  As discussed in Julie and Julie, blogging is something you commit to and can’t quit- it holds you accountable, can definintely relate to that. So here are my goals for 2010 in NO ORDER:

1.  Develop a healthier relationship with myself as a whole

2.  Write my Master’s thesis

3.  Continue blogging

4.  Continue running regiment WHILE respecting my body, and run my first race in the Spring- details to follow!

5.  Do all I can to be the best person (wife, friend, daughter, sister, blogger (heehee), etc.) I can be!

OK, happy New Year!  What are your resolutions/goals???

As for plans this evening, Ian and I are going to lay low tonight and order take out from our favorite restaurant, Buddah Kahn…Yumyum!  The evening will be complete with a romantic fire, and some good tv wootwoot!  This is my favorite type of evening, by the way 😉