Back on my feet (in more ways than one!)

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Hey all!  So today I finally laced up again and got on the treadmill for a quick 3-miler.  I hadn’t run in 3 days, which seemed like forever, due to a terrible case of shin splints on the left, and overall BLAHS.  Thankfully, I am feeling way better overall but my shins are still splintin!  heehee- help! Please!  Advice on shin splints anyone!?!?!  I used my new Zensah compression capris

They are supposed to have extra support for the knees (and I assume lower legs) but I just wasn’t feeling them.  Sorry Zensah!  First of all, they kept faling down!  I had to pull them up numerous times as the crotch was at my knees…not good.  Also, the “knee support” just wasn’t…that’s it.  It just wasn’t.  I didn’t get it.  Anyway, boo.  But it was nice to get back into the sneakers!  And this was my view from the treadmill…

Heehee  Anyway, along with running, I did some stretching and Yoga moves.  One of my resolutions for this year is to get back into Yoga.  I basically allowed a situation that I was in to ruin my Yoga practice and this is such a bummer.  So, back to the mat I go!

So unfortch for the Husband (although he is currently at work and going to Pittsburgh for the week tomorrow), I have found a new TV show to obsess over watch.  It’s on TLC and is called Four Weddings.  There are 4 brides who all attend and rate each other’s weddding.  The winning wedding wins a deluxe honeymoon.  IT is fabu!

Anyway, I read that now Taco Bell has a “healthier menu” (see here)  Hehe  for now, I’m sticking to my chicken tacos (for dinner tonight- Husband, are you reading this?)

Remember these?!?! Replay for tonight...yumyum


OK, well Oscar is snoring and I have some work to do 😦  Toodles!  😉