Slow Cooker Sunday NEVER gets old!


Yay!  It’s slow cooker Sunday!  Come on, guys, get excited- I need to avert my attention from going back to work tomorrow!  ARGH!  Although making it nicer is watching the beautiful flurries come down here in Philly, although I can’t help but wish it would STICK!  hahah!  So all oof my awesome neighbors must be in the same mindset, as I had one lovely neighbor come to borrow some basil for soup- and then they kindly invited me over to partake in this yummyn delight when they heard Husband was going out of town.  BOO.  He leaves today for work and doesn’t get back until THURSDAY!  boo!  Anyway, here were some highlights of this morning’s slow cooker sunday prep:


Cutting all veggies THIN..CH-wait whaaaaaat?!?!?!  Does anyone see anything wrong with this eggplant?

OY!  So, insert quick trip around the corner to Superfresh to grab a new FRESH eggplant (I’m sure Stephie will be pleased as she always gets Monday lunch leftovers from slow-cooker Sunday.  Thank heavens I live in Philly!  I was to the store and back in ten mins!  And the cutting resumed…

Let the layering begin!

And the final product (mind you, after 7 hours in the fabulous slow-cooker)




Ok so I must get going. I have a 3-miler planned and am dressed and ready to go…shame I could only find one Zensah compression sleeve, but it’s only my left that’s bothering me anyway 😉  heehee

Here is my list of things to do today (among bloggin, so I WILL see you later)

1. Write thank yous while watching WE go bridal!  heeeheee- Husband’s away, WE bridal comes out to play!

2. Bake>??

3.  Visit neighbors

4.  Take down Christmas tree (solo- that should be interesting) and remainin decor- boo


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