Frito LOVE and (an ironic) new PAGE!


Oh Frito Lay, how I love thee! YUMYUM!


Yup, you read that right- a new page!  Funny that I am prefacing the explanation of this new page with this picture and statement…

Anyway, I will be starting a new page under the heading “Work It”  I know, I know, chiche is my middle name!?!?  It will be chronicalling my workouts as I hope to run my FIRST race with Blogger Lindsay in the Spring- Linds are you reading this?!?!?!  heehee- Anyway, look for my new page later today!  Have a WONDERFUL and blessed day!

PS:  Someone I used to know wanted to “jab it to me today” by insulting me with “you’re ugly.”  Seriously!?!? LOL.  I know!  Good one.  Just wanted to pass that on to ya!

Can I get a “woot woot?”


Today has turned out to be an overall success!  I was able to complete much of the list and more!  So…my 3-miler that I committed to became a 5-MILER- wootwoot!  I was feeling sooo good on the treadmill!  I was actually contemplating a 6-er, but I had a lot to do (see list above :-)) I now I am SUCH a dork, but again, visual proof, as this was a PR for speed for me!  5 miles in 49:20!  I am sooo glad I rested those couple days (minus yesterday’s 3). 

I know some people (Lindsay for example) prefer outdoor running to treadmills, but given the weather I am resigned to the treadmill.  I have to say, my favorite place to run is on my treadmill in my home.  I “bring the weather to me” (open the window) and don’t have to worry about signing too loud (funny, a neighbor actually called me out once though),  going to the br, getting water, and even changing sneakers (which I actually have done due to serious blister issues mid-run).  Anyway, done and done.

So I did manage to get the tree out of the house…but boy was it RIDICULOUS!  hahah…this was me prepping to go get the job done…gameface!

Um….so yea, that was the LAST smile on my face for about an hour…and there are STILL needles on the floor!  So where we live there is a balcony leading down from the first floor- here is a pic.

Below is the dining room-windown extends into it


And so the tree sits inn the corner there- it looks so pretty- remember-here’s a pic:

“NEEDLE-less” to say (hehe) the ENTIRE Main and Lower floor were COVERED with needles (and kinda still are-even down the steps…).  I swept, Dyson-ed…I dunno.  Tomorrow’s another day.

Anyway, I also finished all of my thank yous and am now moving on to some school work.  Anyway, I am SOOO excited because there is a Bridezilla (We Go Bridal) on that I actually have not seen!  Yay!

Talk to you soon!  Toodles!