Blog-alutions and More!


So, I have come up with some “blog-alutions” (made that up obvs.) instead of resolutions.  I think I have mentioned before that I really love blogging, one reason being that it is something that holds me accountable, so help hold be accountable to these following BLOG-alutions!

1.  Find Spell Check and Use it.

2.  Update daily at least (EVEN if on vacay or not feeling well)

3.  Include more articles/interesting information other than my opinon 😉

4.  Figure out how to FULLY make use of my blogging templat site.  Relying on Lindsay just isn’t gonna cut it.  She WILL get sick of it. 😉 

5.  Possibly get a new and “real” domain name by this time next year?  I know, long-shot, but feasible and exciting!

6.  Start categorizing things.  I am sooo lazy!  I also wanna go back and categorize the 200 posts I never bothered to do…

7.  Add my new “Work it” page and  COMMIT to it and to running my first race this year (while documenting my training on said page)  I have a habit of getting these “great ideas” and dropping them…will NOT happen with Work It.  WHY oh why am I tempted to called it WRKIT?  What is wrong me and my stupid lame-o cliches?!?!?  lol!

8.  Attend a blogger-like convention at some point 😉

9.  Make readers happy 😉  heehee

SO, I hope you enjoyed that list and will “hold me to it”  hehee

Today I worked out at the gym before my dr. appt.  That is my normal Monday schedule.  I did some cardio- elliptical with resistance training- and spent the ENTIRE time cracking up at Dr Phil!  I don’t know why- I DEFINITELY do not find him nearly that funny on any other day, but today…he was IT!  Too funny!  the show was entitled “What to not to again in 2010” so of course the title caught me first- I love lame-o!  haha  So, it was HILARIOUS when they were asking audience members on the street what they wanted to leave behind in 2009 and this girl goes, “My fat ass.”  I was dying!  Anyway, had to share with my blogger girl Linds who asked if she was on that show.  LOL.  Go Dr. Phil!

Anyway, in other funny news, I spoke to Husband last night (he is away on business and I miss him DEARLY!).  So funny fact, the guy delivering his food to his room told him that he was literally sleeping in the SAME BED as DENZEL WASHINGTON!  hahah how cool is that?!?!  Apparently my Husband is staying at the Omni in PBG and Denzel was JUST in town filiming a movie and stayed in the SAME room, slept in the SAME bed as Husband!  Love me some Denzel!

Anyway, what a hoot, no?!?!?

So I’m already craving Fritos today and it is only 10:15!  hahah 

On the “menu” today is work, then I have an appointment at the house- to be discussed later- then a runny-run then dinner for my Dad’s birthday.  He wants to go to this place that is conveniently located about 6 blocks away- LOVE Philly!  It is the “Famous Fourth Street Deli” and looks DIVINE!  Warning, do NOT go to this site if you are hangry!  heeehheee- totally have my eye on this crazy turkey monstrosity.  Everything is served in either regular size or “zaftig.”  I DEF had to ask my Dad what the heck a zaftig was!  hahaha he explained that it is a Jewish term for “big boy.”  lol.  Say no more.  Anyway, I will fully review this apparent amazingness tonight.

Toodles for now!

4 thoughts on “Blog-alutions and More!

  1. We have a place in Boston called Zaftigs. It is the most AMAZING jewish restaurant. We shall go there when you come visit! Great blogalutions. Very thought out. Don’t bother with the spell check, it tells me things are wrong when their right and vice versa. Cool about hubs and Denzel sharing a comforter. You know they don’t wash that shit.

  2. Linds.. I offically spit spinach letteuce at my comp screen when you said sharing a comforter.. FOWL and HOT in the same way..
    Great goals Jess, are you still off from school?

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