WRKitMAP PAGE wootwoot!

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Ok, so I know that looks funny, but keep in mind- I am QUEEN of the lame-o acronym business.  But this gem stands for








Wootwoot!  Love it!  Here is a blurb from the new page, which you can check out at the top header of my “main page” or here.

Welcome to my NEW page!  Wootwoot!  This page will chronicle my workouts in hopes of having a healthy lifestyle (both mentally and physically) while training for my first race (to be chronicled as well).  I ususally do keep track of all of this “fun” info as well as my eats in this pretty eco-friendly journal, but it’s time to blog it up!

Yay!  Check it out and let me know what you think.  So a few other things…

1.  Just got my H1N1 nasal mist- stay away Swine Flu!  Definitely a necessity for those like me working in a petri dish classroom. wootwoot!

2.  Blogger meet up might actually happen!  Wootwoot! We are thinking February!  This would be a dream come true! I would get to meet Lindsay finally, Rachel and some other wonderful blogger friends!  Email me if you wanna get in on it 🙂  jessdownes1@gmail.com

3.  They’re baaaaack!  yes, Frito made another AWESOME appearance in my belly life today!



4.  I am planning a post on Yoga and Running as a combo, my thoughts on that and some game plans regarding it.  Look for that later this evening!  Until then…


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