Dude, LIFE is good!


PS:  Sorry this was to be posted last night, but my computer FRITZED out!

Dinner tonight with my family at the Famous Fourth Street Deli in Philly was AM-azing!  Loved it.  Really.  Sorry the Husband missed it, as he is away on work, and he will be very sorry too when he sees the picture recap (hint: yum).  OK, so as i recap I am sitting here with Oskie cuddled on my lap, drinking my FAV tea ever- Celestial’s Gingerbread (holiday flavor-can’t find it ANYWHERE-help!) and munching on my linzer tort…yumyum…

YUMYUMYUMYUM! Why are these called torts instead of TARTS? I wanna change it.

First off, speaking of yumyums, before I even get into this yumyumrecap,  look at this lovely treat that was awaiting me at my desk this afternoon!  Too cute- thank you friend 😉

That meant a lot to me.  Ok, moving on to the feast dinner recap…

So, when you walk into the Famous Fourth Street Deli you are greeted with this

…and this…

…and this…

These are my Brother in Law's FAVORITE- I am so with him on this!

So, it is pretty obvious that the meal will NOT be lite/light fare 😉  But boy was it redonk!  First get a load of these pickles. O.M.G.  Pickles are my thing.  Big time.

Mouth is currently watering.

Yes, that is pickle dripping down my face. That's how I like it.

WOW.  Being ugly sucks.  Pickles don’t.  HAHAH Joke!  Ok, so my sissy was NOT feeling well, so she ordered the highly reccommended matzah ball soup.  UNREAL.  The ball was the size of my head and I am NOT kidding.  I have photo proof:

Her reaction was PRICELESS!

In typical Sara fashion 😉

Anyway, the table MINUS me ordered chopped liver for an app.  NO WAY.  That stuff isn’t even going to plague my camera.  Not even a pic.  That stuff looks disgusto (my made up word), but telling from the mmmms and yummms from mom, dad and sissy disagree.  I stuck with these DELISH onion rolls and of course…PICKLES (and the necessary deli-style Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry- I LOOOOOVE me some Dr. Brown’s but it ALWAYS tastes better at the deli)!

SOOOOO weird, while I was googling images of Dr Browns, the one I picked actually came from a review of the Famous 4th Street Deli!

Moving on, I was told that the sandwiches are REDICULOUSLY big.  I made a dumb joke about it (as I am SO good at doing) and “stretched my mouth” to prepare while awaiting my turkey sandwich.  I ordered it with Russian dressing on the side to get into the “Jewish deli spirit” 🙂

I am SUCH a dork (but so good at it, no?)

Anyway, we all had some great laughs while waiting for our meals, even though I’m pretty sure everyone was almost full by the time it came!

Tada! By the way, 1/2 of the meat had to be removed in order to fit it into my (stretched) mouth

Here is the birthday boy’s meal (my dad).  It was ABSURD.  It was brisket with gravy OVER potato pancakes with kasha (bulgar wheat grain) and bowties on the side AND a side salal. Are you for real!?!?  The meal would hardly even fit into my camera lense! We were all joking that I needed to put it in “landscape” mode.  And what a landscape it was:

But, birthday boy was pleased (especially becuase he made a few meals with it and won’t have to cook for…at least a day?)

Happy birthday Dad! Love you!

I managed to make it halfway thru my sandwich, which is impressive for me 😉  Sissy Sara was smart and had her reuben special wrapped first thing, as she knew the soup would be enough to feed a small country fill her (and she was sick-hope you are feeling better, by the way, even tho you don’t read this!).  My mom got a reuben as well, which I did not get a picture of, but here…

Except on regular rye, not marble, and like 5 times that size.  Before leaving, we snapped a family photo, which everyone was just pleased about…not.  My family hates pics.  How did I end up with them?!?

Anyway, bottom line, GO TO THIS DELI!  It was a fabu evening- food, family and fun (and let me tell you- those words don’t always go together so well hehe kidding).  It was great!  Hope you enjoyed my recap!


3 thoughts on “Dude, LIFE is good!

  1. You are totally crazy, in so many, many ways 😀 I love you so much. 4th St. Deli rocked my shit. The matzah ball soup officially kicked my ass.

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