A blog-worthy lunch

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I know, excuse the sodium, carbs, preservatives and whatnot (at least only 350 cals), but this was SOOOO delish, I kept making mmmm sounds at lunch!  You must try!  SOOOO good!

Holy Mama it was soooo good!  I want another…NOW.  I also really liked that on the back of the box they had a “fit tip” and it was actually pretty smart. They said that your meal will be more satsfying if you put it on a regular plate.  While this is not necessary for me (I love eating out of tupperware and paper products) I do think this advice has a lot of validity, as it makes you feel like you had a real satisfying meal.  OK, toodles for now!

A Media Post!


So, as you can see, I am channeling Snookie today. If you don’t know what I mean, get out from under your rock and turn on the tube!  heehe- Snookie from Jersey Shore…

OK, she is nuts, but definitely rocks “the poof” way better than me.

OK, so moving on to more “media stuff…”

Who watched the People’s Choice Awards last night?  OK, I watched about 23 minutes of it, and I would seriously have to describe those 23 minutes as…AWKWARD!  Oy, imagine if I had watched the whole thing. Let me tell you too, it take s A LOT for me to feel awkward!  Haha. so here is my run-down of the top 4 awkward/redic moments of those tiny 23 minutes!

1.  The dude from Black Eyed Peas (Will.I.Am) was presenting and called Liam Neeson “Liam NEILSON.”  Really?  I have never read from a teleprompter (Lisa def has- I wonder what her opinion is), but seriously, dude’s wife died recently and he is constantly in the news.  It is NEESON.  Neilson is someone else…I think.  Boo.

2.  HUGH LAURIE.  Not SO awkward (except when he was saying that his cast would SURELY thank him for being such a wonderful person to work with blah blah trying to be sarcastic, but it wasn’t relly working for me) but ummmm how did I not know he is British?  Love him… but I need to get out of MY rock, huh?  I didn’t know he had such an amazing British accent.  Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point has a British Husband.  So awesome.  If my Husband were British I would not let him shut up…EVER.  LOVE me a British accent!  Husband- work on it. 🙂

3.  Poor Carrie Underwood tripping.  LOVE her, and she handled it really well by “acknowledging it” on stage, but it made me feel bad! But, she is gorgeous!  Cute dress- very different- I like.

Carrie Underwood

4.  Sandra Sandra


SOOO beautiful, but I cried throughout her whole speech (and so did she). I really like her.

5.  George Lopez.  I can’t even discuss what went on during his speech, as I was confused for most of it, and because MR. SKIN just is NOT appropriate for all readers 😉  BUT, see below for more commentary from another blogger.  VERY funny…and weird.

Anyway, if you watched, what did you think?  let me know!

Many other bloggers are “buzzing” about the PC Awards as well. I found this article to be particularly amusing.  Check it out.   SOOO funny.  The woman “reviews” the PC Awards and names some of her favorites and she is SPOT ON… (this is from popowatch.ew.com, by the way, to give credit where it is due)

Favorite Moment of Total Honesty
“You don’t care what I have to say.” – The Proposal director Anne Fletcher, after being summoned to the mic by Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

Favorite Personal Assistant
Nick Cannon my comment- he is soooo whipped!

Favorite Person I Was Shocked To See In The Audience Because I’d Already Gotten A Press Release About Carrie Underwood Winning Favorite Country Artist
Taylor Swift my comment- lol.  really lol.

Favorite Most Horrifying Moment In Awards Show History
Slowly realizing what George Lopez meant by “Mr. Skin”

OK, that’s enough.  I don’t want to give any more away- DEF read that article.  Again, it is here.

Next up to be posted:

1.  A runner’s dream playlist post

2. My (much anticipated) running/yoga post- yawn. lol kidding.  I will make it interesting 🙂

For now, toodles!