“It’s gettin’ hot in here!”

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Finally, the heat has been FIXED!  Good thing, because I didn’t even think it was broken!  I seriously thought that when the thermometer read 57 all week that it was broken and that I was just cold as I always am.  Well, my friends, it was broken,  Thank heavens for the Husband calling the heating company and that it was actually easy and not that expensive to fix!  Wootwoot!  HUGE shout out to Edward HUGHES (hehe) and Sons for coming out so quickly and being so darn reliable!  Ed the son came to help us.  he was great and now look…I am actually kinda HOT in my sweater in my house!

Yay! Finally warm!


So last night was really nice- Husband FINALLY came home  Yay!  But before that, Oscar and I went for an hour long walk in the cold (brrrrrr for real) which I was happy to do becuase I spend a LOT of time in the car…

That's me in the car!

Me in the car!


I also felt a little guilty for leaving Oscar so long at home- I didn’t take him to dog school (don’t ask…it’s like doggie daycare) because I had a late opening and was planning on coming right home after work.  Anyway, we stopped at Phileo on the way home.  Phileo is an AMAZING frozen yogurt place on South Street.  I will be posting a review asap. 

SO last night Husband finally came home!  Yay!  I missed him so much and it is so great to have him back!  Tonight we went to Varga restaurant which I plan to post a review of next 🙂

PS:  I am currently in heaven blogging while eating an amazing Phileo cup with the scent of “hot buns” in the background…

This yogurt is cookies and cream plus cheese cake topped with a bit of cookie dough and mochi (Japanese rice candies-yumyum)


OK, toodles for now!

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