Phileo Yogurt- AMAZING

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Phileo Yogurt is located on South Street between 4th and 5th street.  It is amazing,  Let these pictures do the talking.  Phileo features up to 10 yogurt flavors at a time!

Some featured flavors are (those starred are the ones I have tried and loved.  I have never tried one I don’t love, but I do steer toward certain flavors)…

Peanut Butter *

Cookies and Cream*


Cupcake Batter*



Green Apple*








Taro (root)

The fro-yo is self serve as are the toppings (which totally make the yogurt!)

Fruit topping bar


Candy topping bar


I know, you wanna go.  Your mouth is watering. 

Warning though, you do pay what you weigh hehe what IT weighs so be careful!  Bananas are heavy and it is hard to gauge how many yogurt swirlies are necessary 😉

Anyway, this place is for real.  Yum!  Try it!

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