Varga Restaurant- YUM

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It had caramelized autumn squash and gaia apples, arugala, parmesan, cider clove vinaigrette


The Varga salad…ridic!

Love it! I found Varga to be absolutely delish…again.  We have been there several times and it seems to never dissappoint!  It is so easy for us to go there as we live close and the atmosphere is adorable.  I just love it.  Varga is located at 10th and Spruce Streets.  The theme of the restaurant is the old pin-up calendar girls such as these…

On the wall of Varga


It is VERY intimate but very cute and the  food is soooo good!  I had the brussels sprouts which I have had before.  They are SO good.  They were amazing last time and even better tonight!  Delish!  The menu isn’t describes them as being rested in balsamic vinegar, lemons, parmesan and olive oil.  I call them amazing.  I had to refrain myself from eating the whole bowl becuase I wanted to box up the second half to mix with mac and cheese tomorrow night…don’t hate, I know, I’m strange 😉 



The Husband got chilli with something delish called sexy bread.  It was very yummy.  For my “dinner” I got the Varga salad.  It was INSANE!  He got the roast beef sandwich which looked great too- I didn’t try it but he said so 😉

Onion ring on the side


They also have an extensive beer menu and a wonderful dessert selection.  While the Husband and I did not get dessert tonight, we have partaken in dessert before and it was VERY delish. We had cereal flavored ice cream that takes EXACTLY like the cereal yet sooo creamy!  I know, I was skeptical at first too, but you MUST try!  We had the Coco Puff, Lucky Charms  and Cinnamon Toast Crush trio. Unreal.  Anyway, bottom line, Go to Varga.  It was lovely!


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