Attention Philly Runners! Who wants to BS with me!?!?

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Hehe- BS is the Broad Street Run that I have decided to run!  It will be my first BIG race- it is ten miles!  It is the 2010 Blue Cross Broad Street Run and registration opens in February!  I am PSYCHED! I KNOW I can do it, as I had a GREAT 6 miler yesterday and am “trusting my training.” Here is information from the site reagarding the course (which I know from personal experience living in Philly is F-L-A-T!)

Course: A 10-mile, point-to-point course (named one of the fastest 10-mile courses in the country by Runner’s World) starts at the Central High School Athletic Field at Broad Street and Somerville Avenue. The course is a pleasing run past the varied neighborhoods of Philadelphia along Broad Street. It finishes inside the Philadelphia Navy Yard at the end of Broad Street in South Philadelphia. There are eleven water stations, digital clocks at each <!–Motrin –>Mile, aid stations, port-a-potties, entertainment and numerous ambulances on the course. The course is traffic-free in the south-bound lanes and monitored by police. This course is certified by USATF.

Now, for the BIG question…who’s in with me?!?! Come on people!  Email me at and we can get a team together to train or just support each other! 

I am also considering doing a smaller race 3 days after my BIG 3-0!  April 17th is the 5K for Clean Air.  It is an environmentally friendly race in all ways, and a celebration of Earth Day. I figure I don’t really do a TON to help the environment on a daily basis (especially with my HUGE SUV, I know I know…) and this looks like a fun way to start my 30th year, a committment to being nice to the environment and my first racing season!  Here is information from the site:

The 29th Annual 5K Run for Clean Air and Earth Day celebration will take place April 17th, 2010.  The course starts at the Philadelphia Art Museum and runs along Martin Luther King Drive.  Arriving back at the finish line, the Clean Air Council has invited its partners and sponsors to participate in the Earth Day Celebration,  providing an opportunity for community participants to hear about the latest Green event news, resources, and trends.

PS:  You get a free ORGANIC run shirt wootwoot!

Email me if you are interested in joining my efforts!  OK, have a WONDERFUL Monday!

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