Target haul and kitchen OVERhaul recap…


OK, so this is definitely posting WAY later than I wish it were, as the following (amazingness) happened yesterday.  I am REALLY trying to keep up with blogging in a timely manner 😉  Anyway, this is going to be a loooonnnng one, so grab a snack!  I did…

YUMYUM! Love me some Celestial gingerbread spice- hope you are on the look-out for me! Snacking on these yummy new Special K 100 cal crisps...mmmm

OK, so I decided to spend my life savings go Target yesterday for some much needed items, and some not so much needed items.  I crossed many things off my list, but added many more!  Oh well…Anyway, the fact that they added an entire supermarket in there is KILLING me!  It has seriously doubled or tripled both the time and money I spend there!  OY.   So, here is a recap of my favorite finds from the first (and hopefully last for a few months) “Target Haul” of the year!  First off, I just HAD to buy my in-laws (mom and dad 2) Julie and Julia.  For one, the movie is AMAZING and I know they would love it and also, I think it will help them understand my blogging a bit more 😉  If you saw Julie and Julia, did you love it as much as I did?!?!?  It makes Husband paranoid I think because JULIE (the blogger) actually had an affair in real life, which was left out of the movie…interesting, no?

One of my faves!

Moving onto yummies, because that is what the Target trip mostly consisted of (except for the new FIFA game I got for Husband which thrilled him, and some running gear)…I got the following “breakfast ingredients” as I was jonesin’ for breakfast big time while at Target, although it was late afternoon.  Oh well. I was reading Tina’s blog and she had made some amazing looing french toast but using snadwich thins!  What a fabu idea!  I will try it out and let you know!  Check out the multi-grain blueberry pancake mix!  I LOVE me some Archwood Farms (the Target brand)!

...and what's breakfast without a lil pataytah?!?!?

OK, so the next item speaks for itself.  Husband was VERY excited about these- we LOVE ’em!  Do you!??!

A really bad-for-you yumyum

Now, this next thing was DEF an impulse purchase that was made with the Husband ONLY in mind.  Yes, you are reading the package right.  They are nacho flavored chicken rings. Uh-huh. Chicken rings.  Like onion rings, but with chicken. Probably VERY processed, but the nutritional info on these babies actually is NOT that bad!  Not to worry- the full embarassing review of them will be on the blog as soon as we partake in these lovely “ringos” (which will not be happening until Husband returns home from his business trip…or I might be slapped with divorce papers citing “irreconcilible differences due to wife not waiting on Husband for chicken ring tasting”-lol kidding)!

PS: I immediately had to picture message Shiya and Scott (neighbors) about these babies as their malti-poo is "ringo" also...I wonder who tastes better!? Ew... I kid.

And on to some more disgusting desirable treats…Yes, we are the proud owners of Doritos, Fritos, Pringles and a million other harmful delicious snacks!  I LOVE me some snacks and have found that if I buy them in single portions, I can feed my craving without feeding my behind! YUMYUM!  Warning ahead!

Proud to report that none of these have bit the dust yet...but it's only Tuesday!

Alright, now onto the healthy stuff!  So I picked up 2 AMAZING pasta dishes (I am assuming because I have yet to try them)…and a wonderful looking mole sauce that I thought I could win the Husband over with. He always gets something mole from his favorite restaurant of all time, Tequila’s in Philly.  I’m SURE mine will live up to theirs…NOT!

Porcini mushroom whole wheat mac n' cheese and whole wheat butternut squash fusilli

YOU know I love me some butternut squash in any form, as well as mushrooms so I cannot wait to try these!  I will certainly let you know how they are! 

And FINALLY, I was able to purchase some more gummy candy Vita Craves and a NEW Garnier Fructic eye roller!   You are NOT going to believe this but someone actually STOLE mine!  yup, you read that right.  Ridic, no?  (eh, I figure she needed it more than I do 😉 lol) Well, puffy eyes, begone- the roller IS BAAAAACK!

OK, so you MUST be thinking (as I was)…where is she going to put all of this?  Well along with those pictured items, there were of course some many unpictured ones, like the ten Smart Ones/Lean Cuisines I bought for lunches…Well, I decided the kitchen needed an overhaul, and I started with the freezer. Seriosly, WHO KNEW frozen meals went bad?!?!?  OK, feast your eyes on this (avert if you get grossed out lol)…

Um yes, ALL of the "eat by dates" have passed by at least 3 years.  EWW!

Yes, you read that right- March 2007, March 2007, February 2007…Oy, but the REAL winner…drum roll please…

MAY 12 2006! We are soooo gross!


Ew.  Those are Healthy Choice ice cream sanddies that were NEVER even opened!  So here’s what I learned:

1.  Frozen dinners/veggies DO go bad

2.  Clean out the fridge/freezer more often so the trash contents do NOT look like this:

All in all, GREAT Target haul and resulting kitchen overhaul!

PS:  Today’s lunch/last nights’ dinner was also a Target creation- fresh chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta- TO.DIE.FOR.

OK, toodles for now!  Boy, that WAS a long post!

5 thoughts on “Target haul and kitchen OVERhaul recap…

  1. Hey Jess.. yes.. your husband was right. Julie Powell, aka, Julie, from Julie and Julia did have an affair before the blogging happened I think. Its documented in her new book I am reading, Cleaving. So far.. its sad.. nothing like Julie and Julia.. and I am sorta turned off. But such is life. I am still gonna finish it.

  2. I thought Julie & Julia was very cute! Good purchase, even if its not for you. I hope it helps with the in-laws and blogging situation : )
    Missing you tonight, see ya Thursday ❤

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