Um, my dear, that might NOT be a “shin splint”


So, yesterday I tried to be “proactive” by going to a sports medicine doctor for some perceived “might be could be injuries.”  I had mentioned that I was planning on going and had made an appointment.  I was going to go to the 3B’s (Booth Bartolozzi and Balderston) but was referred across the street to Dr. Maenpaa, who trained under “the 3 B’s).

This guy is AWESOME!  The office that I went to is at 829 Spruce St Ste 308 Philadelphia, PA, but he also has offices in Devon and near Rittenhouse in Philly as well.  Anyway, Dr. Maenpaa was awesome.  He KNEW I was nervous by the fact that I could NOT shut my mouth (not really abnormal) and the look on my face…

It was SOOO cool.  He had me walk up and down the hall several times and observed my gate, my posture, my feet, etc.  Then he examined my shoulder.  The dude had the NERVE to tell me I needed to work on my abs to help my posture, to which I scoffed and planked it up for him for a few minutes (he asked!)…

Anyway, he was simply saying that strengthening the abs is good for the lower back, where I have pain a lot (due to being TOP-heavy naturally, thank you, and my poor posture).  OK, so here is the low-down on my two “pain places…”

1.  Shoulder- turns out that I have a “larger wing on my left side” (where the pain is behind my shoulder blade).  This means that if my right shoulder blade is, say, 3 inches to the right of my spine, my left is maybe 4 inches…does that make sense? So I am incredible imbalanced. This created much tension and resulting tendinopathy (can include both inflammation and microtears in the tendons, according to my favorite site webMD).  I have to get it xrayed because he fears there might be calcium deposits in there that he might have to “needle out.” I did not even ASK what the heck that meant, because if it is what it sounds like it is, I don’t wanna know!  For now, he is sending me to PT at a place around my house, where they will “work on it,” prescribed 800 mg. of ibuprofen, and after reviewing the x-rays he will tell me where to go from there.

2.  My shin- left shin has been “bothering me” (aka feels like a shin splint that won’t go away and hurts when I walk run and rest…cute).  He is concerned that it is a STRESS fracture!  OY!  Must get that x-rayed.  BUT, I recently had a Dexa scan which would have picked something like that up and it was clear, so if anything is there it is miniscule! 

Either way, when I got home, I jumped right on the treadmill (of course)…I will not “rest” until I am fully diagnosed..I know, stubborn.  I told them though, ” I didn’t get here from resting and I am certainly not going to leave here resting.”  I know, I must be a GREAT patient 😉  NOT!

So, after my run, I was sure to do some great stretching!  I did some yoga moves as follows…

"Butterfly pose" or "Baddha Konasana" to stretch out the groin

Forward fold with treadmill aid… (for the hammies) 

I also did standing forward folds like this:

The sanskrit word for forward fold is Uttanasana

Then, I did Janu Sirsasana on both sides…


(those pictures are from love it!)

Finally, I banged out one of these babies

I had to ask Shiya what this pose was called- she is the best!  By the way, it’s called Bharadvajasana and she kindly directed me to this

Bharadvajasana I

which is what it looks like when you bind in this posture 😉  Thanks, Shiya!  Please check out Shanti Yoga Shala…offer is still standing to come practice with me there!  Email me at anytime!

Anyway, definitely comment/drop me an email if you have had any experience with those injuries above…I need all the help I can get, and given the positive mental state running puts me in, I’m not resting 😉


How YOU can help Haiti

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A destroyed building in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince

A woman is helped after being trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building in Port-au-Prince. Reports of casualties and damage were slow to emerge because of communication problems

A woman is helped from the rubble

Hi there.  I have been researching for both myself and you lovelies, how we can help Haiti (for more information on this horrible disaster, go to .  Any little bit counts.  Here are some ways to help.

1.  Donate through your local Red Cross.  If you are in the Philadelphia area, click here.

2.  Donate through Wyclef’s charity “YELE”  THIS is really neat, as you can donate $5 via your cell phone by texting YELE to 501501.

More about YELE (from the site)

About Yele Haiti and Yele Vert

Yele Haiti is a grassroots movement that builds global awareness for Haiti while helping to transform the country through programs in education, sports, the arts and environment. Yele’s community service programs include food distribution and mobilizing emergency relief.

The Yele Vert program combines community based agroforestry, environmental education and social marketing into a new and sustainable program of tree planting, agricultural improvement and environmental restoration.

GrammyAward-winning musician, humanitarian and Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti Wyclef Jean founded Yele Haiti in 2005. For more information please go to

3.  Also, apparently (set up prior to this horrible disaster), the shoe Chain Villa ( inthe Philadelphia area is helping out as well

(taken from their site) Highlighting the partnership is a collection of boots that debuted this week under the popular Timberland Earthkeepers(TM) line. For every pair of Earthkeepers(TM) Yele Haiti boots sold, $2 will be donated to Wyclef’s Yele Haiti organization to support reforestation in Haiti. The collection of eco-conscious footwear, made from recycled and organic materials, will be available globally for men, women and kids. VILLA is the first location in the Philadelphia area to be carrying the Yele Haiti collection.

See for more info on this charity


Thank you. Toodles.

“It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.” — Ethel Percy Andrus.

Wedding dress remorse????


So, one of my favorite things to do is look through old pictures.  While I was doing so, I came across the following dilemma.  I just don’t LOVE the wedding dress I wore (I know, it was not even a year ago and I need to get over it, but hear me out)!  And it’s really funny because when I started on “the dress search” I KNEW I wanted like a ballgown.  Not too big and bulky, but definitely SPECIAL.  Well, I did end up buying a dress like that. It was 399 at David’s Bridal.  Yes, you read that right 399!  I cannot resist a bargain!  But shortly after I bought it, I felt a bit of remorse.  There are just SOOO many dresses out there and there are sooo many to pick from.  You get into the trance, and you begin to question question question. SO, I went back to the store and ended up EXCHANGING that dress for another one (only 200 bucks more).  Dress number ONE is below.

I basically felt like I couldn’t move well, and to be honest, I felt FAT.  Now, I feel like I should not have let my body image make this decision for me, becuase now I sorta wish I had worn the one above.  NOT that the one I ended up wearing was ugly, and it certainly was something I would wear, but I should have stuck with my gut instincts, and not let my feelings ABOUT my gut (lol) deter me.  Anyway, what do you guys think? I am going to put it out there…please be honest.  Just curious.  Here is the dress I actually ended up wearing.

The lace was antique and beautiful…

PS:  The amazing dress below that I wore to our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was another ridic bargain from David’s Bridal- it was 49 buckaroos!

And yes, I had THAT much fun!

An ALL Bruce (Springsteen, duh) Runner’s Dream Playlist

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OK, so I realize that my playlist post was not as comprehensive as I would have liked.  I left some crucial songs out!  I tried to post on the go, sans iPod and I must make some additions so check that post soon for this…

So, In light of  honor of those amazing pictures of Bruce I saw on TMZ

Bruce Springsteen

(In case you needed a reminder) 😉

I had an all-Bruce playlist on my 5-miler today.  It was as follows:

Radio Nowhere


No Retreat

Darlington County

Born to Run

Glory Days

Out on the Street

Hungry Heart