Meet my new love…the UGG earmuffs I have been waiting for my whole life and now have proof that they ROCK!

They came in THE most adorable storing box, which I WILL use 😉

Bad picture, but they are sooo pretty and match my Northface quilted black jacket perfectly!

bad picture, but they are sooo cute and match my black Northface jacket perfectly!


DEFinitely rocking these honies today


OH, and today, I have another piece of “UGG gear” on…

UGG mocs!  The two Cs! Comfy and Cute!

NOW, for the real question….CAN I GET AWAY WITH WEARING THESE BABIES ALL DAY!?!? (the earmuffs that is…I had already planned on wearing the mocs all day ;-))

Toodles and happy Friday!