Takin’ it on the road!


Sorry blog friends for being so MIA!  We are actually in SUNNY WARM Florida visiting my Grandma! 

I have missed the blog world so much and I apologize for my absence, but we have been having a wonderful time!  As I type this I am sipping some gogi berry pomegranate Celestial Seasonings tea while sitting on my Grandma’s balcony.

A warm weather yumyum (you KNOW I prefer spicy holday flavors like gringerbread spice in cold weather---Look for an update on that at the end of the post)

It is beautiful!  She lives on a golf course, and her balcony overlooks a gorgeous pond with swans and a fountain (that IS lovely, but produces the urge to go the bathroom very easily…running water does it every time).  So, I KNEW this trip was going to be AWESOME from the very beginning…the plane ride- there was a HUGE surprise at the end!  So, reluctantly, I flew Southwest for the first time.  Ian has flown this airline before and sings its praises, but it is just not for me.  I am WAY too much of a control freak to not know where I am sitting prior to boarding the plane. I always have to sit near the front and in the aisle because I am very crazy claustrophobic and have the propensity to break down at any time on an airplane.  Listen, people, cut me a break- my Mother hasn’t flown since her and my Father’s honeymoon and never will.  At least I board.  So, do you Southwest?

Anyway, Ian and I were in different “boarding zones” and I was first. I immediately panicked and took the first two seats I saw in the first rown aisle and middle with a TON of leg room.  OK.  Well, I had to put my bag a million few rows behind me and our carry-ons had to go in the overhead as well because there were no seats in front of us under which to put our carry-ons.  Well, Husband boards and gives me an immediate thumbs-down.  Not workin’ for him.  He insists on moving back (panic ensues) and we did get an exit row, which is OK for me (becuase I can see outside…I know, don’t judge) and hey, at least we ended up sitting together right?

So the whole Southwest thing just didn’t work for me…BUT what DID work for me was the amazing travel pack I bought at Old Navy last week in anticipation of this trip for only 7 bucks on clearance!  It is made of fleece and has a pillow, blanket and sleep mask. 

It was an awesome purchase.  I am ALWAYS cold on the plane (and everywhere else, actually)…

So, on the flight, I had my first experience with Runner’s World magazine!  I added it to my pile of trashy mags at the newsstand and was very excited, as this was a moment where I “felt like a runner ” 😉

So, MOST of the flight was uneventful.  I graded papers and read trashy mags while Husband napped (the airplane always knocks him out like a baby).  Now, just as we are about to land, the flight attendant comes on the lousdpeaker and says, “we have a wonderful announcement; the passengers in row 15 seats A + B have won a raffle prize.”  Now, I hate to give away the surprise, but I must give credit to my REDONK intuition because I turned to Ian and said, he’s proposing.  Well, as this young couple steps to the front of the plane, I looked at the male-part and mouthed, “you’re proposing?!?!?” and got my camera out immediately.  So yes, he proposed in front of the whole airplane.  It was soooo lovely!  And, the flight attendants were SO nice- they had made her a tp veil and him a king’s crown made out of airplane snacks!  How funny and cute?!?! It was sooooo nice!  Of course I clapped (and teared!).  These pictures are blurry and dark, but you get the point…

It’s amazing what can happen “up in the the air!”  hehe good pun to lead me into reccommending you to SEE THIS MOVIE!  We saw it last night and it was AWESOME!  It was almost two hours and kept my attention. THAT’S the way I judge my movies 😉  Seriously, see it.

Once we landed we ventured into the car rental area and Husband pimped us out with a beautiful car…

Spankin' new Chrysler 300 all leather...sweet ride

We then hit up a Denny’s (as per Husband’s request demand) because according to Husband, “their fountain sodas [diet coke] are the best.”  LOL

I had a yummy diet Coke as well and one whole wheat pancake (to carb-load for my planned run the next morning- hahah) that was very good.  Speaking of carb-loading for runs, I was SO excited to come here and just strap on my sneaks and go.  At home, if I were to tke my run outside, it would involve at least a half hour of prep (gear including gloves, hat, layers, etc.) OR inside I have to take the treadmill down and yada yada yada…But here, the weather was PERFECT!  I am proud to say that I not only was finally able to try out my new Zensah running skirt, but I ran both mornings that we were here!


Anyway, greetings from the HOT (hotter than it needs to be, trust me- Grandma LOVES to keep it toasty in her apartment)

Yes, that DOES say 78...and did all weekend...still sweating.



TANGENT/TEA UPDATE PROMISED ABOVE:  So, for all of you who have just been loosing sleep over my inability to find the holiday flavor “Gingerbread Spice” from Celestial Seasonings, WORRY NO MORE!  I order a hundred few cases of it directly from the Company.  Problem solved.  Done and done. 🙂 wootwoot!  Hope it’s waiting for me at home!

See full size image

Alright, we come home tomorrow, so until then…Toodles!

5 thoughts on “Takin’ it on the road!

  1. First of all, glad you’re having a great time! Ugh, I hate flying, will never do it again ; ) You look great in your running gear (very official)! ❤

  2. I say Up in the Air this weekend too and I highly recommend it as well.

    How did you like Runner’s World magazine? I’ve been thinking about subscribing to a fitness mag of some sort. Any recommendations?

    • Helloooo! I LOVED up in the air~! I like Runner’s World! it’s my first try with it, like I said, and I am so far impressed! I am a new runner and I find I can keep up with it 😉 Im only halfway done though-plane ride will finish that baby! I LOVE Self…Very fun AND fitnessy! Thanks for readin, girl!

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