Mixed Media Workout and Welcome Back!


First off, Look who’s baaaack!

Reunited and it feels so GOOD!

YAY!  If you all remember, my beloved white puffy Old Navy jacket that I got for QUITE the steal was stolen by an old friend.  BOO.  BUT, each door that closes offers an open door…that opened to a NEW (same price wootwoot), improved, LONGER (got it in a size Small- TALL this time) and CLEAN jacket!  yay! I am very excited to wear it!  So, my dear jacket, welcome back!

Speaking of Welcome Backs, yesterday I decided to try a “mixed media” workout (coined that term myself, clever, no?) instead of just running.  Several reasons for this:

1.  I’m a bit concerned about the shin that might be stress-fractured…so concerned that I refuse to get it x-rayed because I don’t want to know!  I know…bad idea- I can hear you all yelling at me through cyber-space.  I will go sometime soon.

2.  My arms and abs need a lil’ strengthening

3. I don’t want to bore of running

4.  I want my endurance to transfer across sports

So, yesterday, I did a 3-miler for speedwork. THEN, I went to the Club for an hour-long Yoga class.  I am definitely sore today but it was well worth it!  Wootwoot!  I had been practicing on my own a BIT after my runs but targeting specific muscles but this yoga class banged out the whole body. 

When I got home, I was starving!  I had planned to do chicken tacos but Gordita-style (better pita plus Ranch-yum) but was craving B4D (Breakfast for Dinner) and the Husband wanted Chinese.  SO, I made the most amazing B4D EVER!  I used Arnold Sandwich thins (2 at 100 cals. a piece), dipped in egg beaters which I seasoned with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice.  I made healthy hashbrowns on the side. 

MMMM....now I just have to plan for those pancakes...or panqueques 😉 We made that word up when we were in Spain, assuming that is what they call pancakes

The whole thing was DELISH!  So delish that my camera ate some of it before it could take a picture!

French toast trial from Monday morning 😉

I really shouldn’t take credit for this genius healthy and quick french toast, as I saw the idea on Tina’s blog, www.carrotsncake.com. But, it was wonderful!  You MUST try it asap!

OK, enough for now, but check in later for another “mixed media” workout recap.  Today on the schedule… AQUA fit!  haha- should be fun!  I am trying a low-impact workout today, as my shins are sorta bothering me!  Toodles!

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