Aqua Fit is a HIT!


OK, so I definitely wanted to put something not appropriate in the title- it woulda sounded cooler…aqua fit is the….Anyway, friends, AQUA FIT IS WHERE IT’S AT!  I tried it for the first time yesterday, and let me tell you, it is SOOOO UNDERRATED in the fitness world!  The water provides SO much resistance and the “sport” is low impact so it is great for injuries or people who are injury prone.  It is a great addition to ANY training and I HIGHLY reccommend it!  I will admit, my instructor, Alison at the Sporting Club was UNREAL.  She definitely made the class so great.  Check it out guys, seriously!  I am NOT kidding.  At first I thought it was going to be a joke.  I actually did my “cardio” before thinking I didn’t want to waste a workout day.   Well, waste I did NOT!  This workout was AMAZING!  We ran in the pool, kicked all over the place, did weight for our arms, football drills in the water and much much more!  I told Alison that I wish I had caught on to this prior to my wedding, as I felt the workout kicking all of those little “problem areas” like the armpit fat I was always complaining about in my strapless gown.  I am telling you, this Aqua Fit thing worked muscles I didn’t know I HAD!  We are talking inner and outter thighs here, people.  Anyway, it is definitely a great workout and can be tweaked or altered to your own fitness needs and wants (aka it can be as easy or hard as you wish)!  Do it.  Now.  LOL.  Seriously, if you are in the Philadelphia area and want to try out this new find of mine, I’d be HAPPY to have you join me for one of Alison’s Aqua Fit classes at the Club.  Just email me like always (  I was SOOOO hungry after that workout (and I think the water does it too…I remember this from being a little kid and leaving the pool famished each time) that I did two things I hardly EVER do…

1.  Refuel at the gym (why waste money when I live so close)

2.  Drink G-2 (Gatorade is just not my thing)  BUT Grape is ok I discovered!  I could not WAIT to rip into the fruit-a-bu!



OK, that’s it for now!  Toodles!

2 thoughts on “Aqua Fit is a HIT!

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