If you haven’t tried YOGA yet, tomorrow is your day!

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You heard me right…TOMORROW!  It is not the norm for me to suggest that you start something tomorrow (I tend to be a NOW girl) but tomorrow is YOGA DAY USA!  You all know that aside from running and my other “fitness feats” I am a bit of a Yogi at heart 😉  I urge all of you to find a studio/gym near you and try a class.  Just TRY it!  Nothing bad could come from trying!  the website facilitating this “movement” (www.yogadayusa.org) states…

Join thousands across the country for Yoga Day USA, a history-making celebration where yogis, novices, couch potatoes and triathletes, young, old and everyone in between join together to stretch mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga. In the spirit of karma yoga, or service to others, all Yoga Day USA classes and workshops are free — or nearly free. The brainchild of the Yoga Alliance, this powerful annual event is held in yoga studios, parks, beaches and private homes throughout the US.

Namaste written in Sanskrit or Hindi 

This is “namaste” in Sanskrit (the language of Yoga).  It is generally used as a greeting and to end practice.  There are different interpretations of this, but I like this…

Namaste and Toodles!