Saving room For din-din!

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First off, it’s a dog’s life, isn’t it!??!

Secondly, Husband and I are SOOO excited for tonight’s festivities!  We are going (FINALLY) to CHIMA Brazillian Steakhouse with one of my BEST friends, Kelly and her Man, Mike.  We always have a FANTASTIC time with them.  It’s so funny, because I have known Kelly since we were VERY little- she lived around the corner from us growing up for over 20 years!  She will KILL me, but you have to see this…

Here is a recent pic of Kelly and I (she was also a bridesmaid at our wedding).  She is adorable and SUCH a firecracker- she was and is an amazing gymnast, like world-class we’re talking here…

And here is a pic from high school…

Excuse the “picture of a picture” blur factor..but you get the point.

Anyway, I have to save up for dinner, as this is an all-u-can eat joint.  Don’t worry- full review later. I am sure it will be sooo crowded because it is Restaurant Week in Philadelphia– good becuase our normal meal will only cost $35 per person, annoying because the crowds are like they are giving food away!

And one more pic (that I found while looking at others) that I HAD to share…this would be Oscar’s face if HE were going to Chima!

Haha!  Toodles!

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