OK, so if you go to Chima, bring your appetite and your chompers!  I left full and with a sore jaw!  We went to Chima last night with our VERY good friends, Kelly and Mike. We had a gift card and were planning this excursion for a while.  We all even prepared for the evening by starving ourselves eating light all day (minus cocktail hour at my house…pre-game hehe).  So,  the salad bar was wonderful- it met all expectations…

Here's Kel working on her first plate

I HAD to take a picture of these mozz balls…how absurd!

Seriously the size of an infant's head...and NOT a premie.

Here was my first plate of food from the salad bar:

Clockwise from the top: amazing chicken/potato salad, garlic butter (amazing) and roll (x2 later), tomato and salad

I know, looks simple and I did NOT make Husband proud with my amateur eating…But, seriously, look what I had ahead of me!  So you get a chip that reads basically “YES” (stuff my face with meat) or “NO” (gimme a minute I’m full and entering a food coma)…

So, once you are “ready for meat,” they come around with meat on a stick…literally…

Vegetarians!  Avert your eyes!

Here was my plate…I only tried that flank steak and filet. 

Both were delish!  I also had a bite of Kel’s ribs and those were good too.  I am not really a meat person, so I am still suffering from last night.  I am also in a terrible mood, I think due to the weather.  BOO.  And what really stinks is that I have committed to taking a possible week off from running, because I do feel that I indeed have a stress fracture in my left shin and it is not getting better. I think what jarred me was this weekend when my brother in law convinced me that if I didn’t take care of this, my leg was going to snap in half…for real.  Bummer.  So, check out my WRKitMAP page for altered workouts this week (not by choice, but what can ya do?)…  OK, bye for now.  Toodles.

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