Sorry, Husband, your man is off the market


This news WILL upset my Husband and ALL Philadelphia Phillies PHEMALE PHANS..hehe…J-Roll (Jimmy Rollins) has gone and got hitched.  I know…sad, but true…

According to, the marriage took place in the the Cayman Islands this weekend. 

Congratulations to Jimmy Rollins and Johari Smith. Just days after an earthquake hit the Cayman Islands, their Saturday wedding went off without a hitch. The Phillies shortstop and Smith, a fitness instructor and Germantown Friends graduate, were married at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman before guests including Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino. Phillies President Dave Montgomery, hitting coach Milt Thompson and former MLB player Mario Diaz were also among guests and Rollins’ former teammate Bobby Abreu, now with the Angels, was a groomsman. Cayman Islands wedding planner JoAnne Brown Events Celebrations designed and produced the destination wedding.  (from

That would have been a GREAT event to attend!  Look at the guest list!  Sorry Husband (this was his man-crush), I will be awaiting you with tissues this evening.

Here’s a link the the photog’s website (I know Husband will ask me for it :-))…

OK, bye for now!  Toodles!

3 thoughts on “Sorry, Husband, your man is off the market

  1. Ha! I heard about his wedding and immediately thought of Ian & how he must’ve wept over this overwhelming loss

    – R.I.P. JRolls’ bachelorhood & any possibility of me shagging him. Truly tragic. –

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