People, I am SERIOUS.  You MUST get this FREE app for your phone.  I am not quite sure which phones it is compatible with, but I have a Droid, and I know the iPhone takes it.  I’m pretty sure you just need any Smartphone with camera.  It is unreal.  So, this baby is a tool for tracking calories but it surpasses ANY expectations of what an APP of this type should do.  Exhibit 1:  The scanner- this thing is sooooo cool- you point to the barcode on ANY food you are eating and it immediately brings up the food with all of its nutritional information.  It is UNREAL!  You MUST try it!  It is just called the Calorie Counter App (for the Droid I believe). I could not stop playing with it last night!  You can zap your way to a healthy eating lifestyle.  The app also has the ability to track fitness, etc.  VERY cool!  Try it and DEF leave a comment letting me know if you think it rocks as much as I do.  Apparently many people are in agreement with me…According to an article on EZine by Joseph Stutzman,

Counting calories cannot get any easier if you own a Droid cell phone. All you need is to download the Calorie Counter application. It is a complete food and nutrition guide. It also totals your Weight Watchers Points. And the best part, it is totally free!

Calorie Counter pulls up the nutritional information on all food groups. It gives the total calories, fat, protein, and estimated net carbohydrates. Within just a few days, you will be able to see your eating patterns. You will also become more aware of portion sizes. Because it goes wherever you go, you don’t have to wait to get home to log everything in.

Thinking about picking up dinner at a fast food restaurant? Calorie Counter has a category just for your stop. Simply choose which restaurant, (and there are hundreds) and it will bring up the food menu where you simply choose your food item, instantly you get the nutritional information.

Calorie Counter also has quick pick categories for food, brands, and supermarkets. Each one is displayed by food group, so it is very easy and quick to pull up the information you need. The easy to use barcode scanner allows you to scan any food item barcode and instantly get its nutritional information, all while at the store.

The exercise diary allows you to keep track of the calories you have burned each day by simply entering the activities you have done. It will also show you a daily chart on your progress.

This hand application gives you all the nutritional information you need to keep track of your calorie intake and lose weight. And it does it all very fast since it requires mere seconds to find the nutritional information you are seeking. Enjoy your Droid.

It’s also listed as one of the top 10 apps to have on … 

And here is an article detailing EXACTLY how to use the app.

Seriously, blogger-friends, GET IT NOW!


8 thoughts on “AMAZING Phone APP!

  1. Hi Jess!

    Awesome find! I just downloaded it on my iPhone but I can’t figure out where to get the barcode scanner from? Do you know where it’s located in the app?

    Thanks! Have a great day and take care of that leg!

  2. hey ! I saw your post on Carrots N’ Cake. I live right around the corner from the Bellevue at the Aria. I have never been to that gym but I hear it’s amazing. Is your dog a cavalier king charles spaniel??? I have two!

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