Haha! YAY! Sissy found my blog!


So my sister, Sara FINALLY made her way over to “the blog” and her comments are PRICELESS.  I will list below.  We have a funny relationship- she lives with my mom, yet I still don’t see her nearly as much as I wish I did- I LOVE that girl.  We work on completely opposite schedules- she is a server at the Manayunk Brew Pub (in Manayaunk- gotta try it out- great food and atomosphere, and if you have my sister as your server, great waitress and you are guaranteed a laugh).  Anyway, she is HILARIOUS. So, give it up for Sara!

Regarding my post on “wedding dress remorse,” Sara says,

You’ve gotta be kidding me – That day in the store, I said again & again, dress #1 was ‘the dress’!  Be that as it may, i soon TOOK MY WORDS BACK & realized exactly what YOU realized: you needed to be comfortable & feel ‘in your own skin’ on your wedding day. Therefore, DRESS #2, The Actual Dress, was WITHOUT A DOUBT a ‘Jess Klapper’ wedding gown: comfortable, delicate, seemingly simplistic yet very detailed, and so, so elegant.  Moral of the story – the day of your wedding, you could not have possibly looked more breathtakingly beautiful. You were perfect, the dress was perfect, the wedding was perfect. Have no regrets, lady ❤

I say…Thanks Sara- that means the world to me 😉
Regarding my post on my shin splints, Sara says,

Golly, those workout-pants you’ve got on look GREAT! Super breathable, nice fit, AND awesomely-cool zippers on the ankles. Wow. Someone truly fabulous must’ve gotten them for you……

I say, why thanks Sara, you “truly fabulous girl”  haha- it was my Chanukah gift!
Regarding my post about the new Matisyahu song I love am obsessed with (One Day), Sara says,

Matisyahu rocks my shit. Am i allowed to curse on your blog? Youre gonna report me arent you? Haha … Crap.  

I say, “I already did…”  hahah kidding!

Regarding my post on the redonkulousness of Heidi Montag, Sara says,

Most ludicrous thing i’ve ever seen. You know i support minor up-keep, but this is tragic. Gross. I’m speechless.

Usually I defend celebrities when they take a short ride on the crazy-train; its their life & their business if they wanna act foolish. Once in a while (depending on the celebrity & the level of crazy) i defend them & blame it on the ‘pressures of the business’. Be that as is may …. I have no words of defense for this nutty bitch. Sorry Heidi – You’re on your own.

I say, Sara you are right but I still do not agree with your opinion that a little tweaking is ok 😉 hehe

Regarding my post on Jimmy Rollin’s marriage, Sara says,

Ha! I heard about his wedding and immediately thought of Ian & how he must’ve wept over this overwhelming loss

– R.I.P. JRolls’ bachelorhood & any possibility of me shagging him. Truly tragic. –

I say, (Husband and) I agree!

Finally, regarding my post about the Famous 4th Street Deli, Sara says,

You are totally crazy, in so many, many ways I love you so much. 4th St. Deli rocked my shit. The matzah ball soup officially kicked my ass.

I say, oooohhhh Sara, I love you!

Hope you enjoyed that- I did!  Talk to you soon! Toodles!

4 thoughts on “Haha! YAY! Sissy found my blog!

  1. hahahha Holy crap jess. Lets address how crazy you are; you just blogged about my response to your blog. I love you, nutbag.

    Ps – umm, my bod looks totally smokin in that ‘wedding’ picture 😉

  2. Haha, I have to agree that blogging about your sister’s comments is a lil crazy, but I ❤ you anyway! You both look great in the wedding pic : )

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