The Torture Machine!


Note:  My Husband and I are flipping between The Biggest Loser and 101 Chowdown Countdown.  Ironic.  Haha.

OK, I HAD to post about my workout today on…THE TORTURE MACHINE!

YUP...that one


So, I have “patented” some amazing moves on this ridonk device out of boredom and I thought I’d share.  Hehe- Really, the following moves will vary your workout on this already torcherous machine ;-), and work different “hard to reach” muscles…

The Tradtitional "Front Step"


The "side step" great for the inner and outter thighs


The difficult-but-darn-effective-on the hamstrings "Backward Step" yes, it is what it sounds like. You do have to turn around on it...Def takes coordination


GREAT Workout!  I did 30 minutes on that and 20 on the Elliptical (it felt like a breeze after the Stair Torturer Climber!).  So, by the time I got home, I was famished!  Here’s what I made for dinner…

YUMYUM! Simple quick healthy and cheap dinner!


You must try this meal!  If you are veg, just skip the chicken and maybe add another bag of veggies.  So cook the chicken and then dump in the simmer sauce.  Micro the veggis for a little less than what the bag says so they don’t over cook.  Dump into chicken/simmer sauce mix.  Simmer for 5-7 mins. for this sauce- others take longer…judge the consistency.  Serve with jasmine rice (or whatever you prefer). 

Anyway, BL is calling my name!  Bye for now!  Toodles!

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