The return of shrimp stir-fry and swimming…

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NOT TOGETHER…although that would be interesting, no?

So last night I made the famous (by me) shrimp stir fry.  It take 3 ingredients, cooks in 10 minutes or less and is very healthy (minus the salt).  AND if you are a vegetarian and don’t eat shrimp, sub it out for another bag of veggies.  If you don’t like shrimp, sub out for another protein.  THREE INGREDIENTS…

1. SHRIMP (I buy them cooked already and then throw them in the frying pan for more cooking becuase they do generally gross me out although I like the taste)

2.  Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Veggies, Asian Medley seasoned…micro for one minute less than what the package says because when you combine with the shrimp in the frying pan they cook more)

3.  Knorr Teriyaki Noodle sides with veggies

SOOOO easy.

1.  Cook noodles (7 minutes) while prepping the rest

2.  Throw shrimp in frying pan with a little soy sauce or whatever to taste

3.  After microwaving the veggies, thrown those in

4. Serve over the noodles 😉


YUMYUM! Shrimp stir fry!

 OK, NOW…for the return of swimming!  So, I have kept with my promise and stayed away for running now for 5 days straight in hopes of allowing the stress fracture in my left shin to heal properly (and not snap in half, like my Brother in Law Kevin warned me).  I have been adding new and exciting things to my workout such as interval training on the Elliptical, and “the torture machine.” 

Now, swimming will enter the picture.  When I was in college, I ahd a similar issue with my leg (ankle maybe?  I forget) that made me have to lay off exercize equipment altogether.  This combined with seeing a hot guy on the swim team :-), pushed me to learn how to swim.  I would go and watch swim practice each night and then jump in and imitate. I actually got a really good stroke going and lost a TON of weight doing so.  Besides this though, I always found the water to be so comforting, and enjoyed my little “under water world.”  I used to get a GREAT deal of think-time in and found it to be healthy and cathartic.  Anyway, I’m goin’ back in!  Just got a new tank suit to get me going, along with a new swim cap (HOT) and goggles (EVEN HOTTER). 

Check out the blog for a post later on how my return the “the under water world” went!

Bye for now!  Toodles!