Chase your dreams in your own clothes

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That’s what I learned today…EVERYONE has the right to and should chase their dreams. But if you are not true to yourself, in your OWN skin, its a falsity. So moral of the story…always be yourself…the best self you can be, because if you can wake up each morning happy with who you are…THAT is the dream 😉

“Oh, I get by with a little lunch, from my friends…”

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To be sung to the tune of “help from my friends” by the Beetles.  (and NOT Linds’ beetles-aka dates) hehe.  Anyway, a very nice friend provided ME with a lil lunchy-poo today!  YUMYUM!  I definitely wanted a cold lunch.  I have been doing the hot lunch thing now for while, and I’m currently over it.

Speaking of “help from my friends,” I do want to give a shout out to some special people ,who know who they are, who have been really awesome to me lately 😉 When the going gets tough, the tough looks to friends 🙂  Thank you!  Question:  Who are YOUR TRUE friends?  What does it mean to be a true friend?  Just wonderin’… Comment!


HULA 4 HAITI- Great success!



So, I had organized a fundraiser for my school whereby students would bring in a quarters all of this week and get raffle tickets in return that would give them a chance to “hula off” against their grade level and then their whole school.  I was so excited about this, but nervous at the same time, as my school is very large and this is a huge undertaking!  But, this morning ended up working out perfectly!  As a school, we raised over ONE THOUSAND dollars!  To be precise, it was $1,136.08!  How great?!?!?  Wootwoot!  All of the money is going directly to the Red Cross. There were many media outlets there, including our neighborhood newspaper, The Times Herald, and 6ABC!

Under the Sea, A Puppy and B4D!

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Haha!  Cryptic title, no?  I bet you really wanna read this now, right?  hehe 

OK, so under the sea…the water experience (aka swimming) was great!  I didn’t remember how hard it is!  I haven’t swum in years-since college pretty much.   I swam for about 35 minutes.  It was a SERIOUS cardio and strength workout.  Good stuff!  By the way, my bathing suit ,cap and goggles all fit wonderfully!  So, when I got home I was VERY hangry!  So…I had B4D (Breakfast for Dinner) LOVE IT!  I had 2 Arnold Sandwich thin french toasts (made with Egg Beaters-all I had at home) and some hashbrowns.  SERIOUS yum.  I also have perfected a syrup smearing method whereby you flip the thins on top of each other with syrup poured between every OTHER one.  That part is really important or else it is too soggy.   

And…The PUPPY!  yes, hard to believe the big girl is a puppy!  I have seen her grow up-literally!

love the tongue!

LOVE this pic!

OK, bye for now- watching Celeb Rehab 🙂  Toodles!