HULA 4 HAITI- Great success!



So, I had organized a fundraiser for my school whereby students would bring in a quarters all of this week and get raffle tickets in return that would give them a chance to “hula off” against their grade level and then their whole school.  I was so excited about this, but nervous at the same time, as my school is very large and this is a huge undertaking!  But, this morning ended up working out perfectly!  As a school, we raised over ONE THOUSAND dollars!  To be precise, it was $1,136.08!  How great?!?!?  Wootwoot!  All of the money is going directly to the Red Cross. There were many media outlets there, including our neighborhood newspaper, The Times Herald, and 6ABC!

3 thoughts on “HULA 4 HAITI- Great success!

  1. Congrats!! Planning a fundraiser is a whole heck of alot of work! AND look at the payoff over a grand for Haiti! Be proud of yourself and your studentssss!!!!

  2. Congrats, that is awesome! I’m so glad it went well : ) Are there articles about it that will be online on either of the websites you included here?

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