Shoppy shoppy with the hubby

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So as you can see I have found the WordPress apparently for my phone and can now blog on the road! Woowoot! It has just started snowing in Philadelphia and it has been a beautiful day to walk around…especially in my new Northface hat Husband bought me- see below. We are currently in Brooks Brothers which is why I am not getting my shop on. Husband is trying on pants.

On other news I went to the famous and much loved by most Lululemon. I dunno, I’m not yet a believer. I definitely tried on every style of pants with no luck. BUT I was very happy to see them pimping out my girl Shiya’s shanti yoga shala.

We also ran (hehe) into Philadelphia Runner so I could get a little taste; -)

Toodles for now!


Waking up Ravenous and Hula 4 Haiti in the news!

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So I woke up really early for me (once at 8 am then 10 am-I know, not early for normal people) RAVENOUS. I sat in bed and drank G2 while eating some Kashi Go Lean Crunch out of the box.  Classy.  I fell back for a bit more snooze until I go bored.  Anyway, Husband is still sleeping…yes, it’s noon…and I found some fun stuff on the internet!  Look!

From the Times Herald newspaper…

Tajahana Wright, left, and fellow contestant Kyiree Morris, participate in the “Hula for Haiti” benefit at  Marshall Street Elementary School.

Fun!  So…what are your Saturday/weekend plans?  Today, I am hoping to run to Express to return/exhange some lovelies.  I also need to go to the bank to deal with the Hula for Haiti money and open a joint account with Husband.  Then, tonight we are driving into Cherry Hill to go to the Apple store to browse laptops and then for our first visit to Seasons 52!  According to the website it is,

“A fresh approach to dining that celebrates living well”  RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!  Also,

Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally-inspired menu and award-winning international wine list in a casually-sophisticated ambiance.

At Seasons 52, we pride ourselves on offering our guests:

  • Seasonally-inspired dining choices expertly designed to excite and surprise the palate
  • An award-winning international wine list featuring diverse wine selections that personalize the dining experience
  • Knowledgeable, approachable service that inspires confidence
  • A casually-sophisticated adult ambiance that feels inviting

I hear about this restaurant all the time on Lisa Paige’s blog and have been dying to try!  Husband finally caved and made reservations!  Wootwoot!  Expect a full review later!  Tomorrow, I hope to take a swim, do some sauna/whirlpool activities at the gym and then do a slow-cooker Sunday.  What are your plans?  Toodles!

Being a Positive Person


I shoulda said a positive person-purple people eater 😉 hehe that would have been a real alliteration!  Boy, am I a nerd!

ANYWHOO, I was reading Caitlin’s blog, Healthy Tipping Point, and on it was an interesting post/comment discussion on the power of positive thinking.  I started thinking about this, and concluded the following

I actually feel like BLOGGING HAS MADE ME A MORE POSITIVE PERSON…do you feel like that? I dunno I just feel like in writing I am able to be more objective and appreciative. Does anyone else agree?

I also feel like I get to CHOOSE what I “focus my attention on,”  when posting on my blog.   So I pose that question here for any bloggers out there-do you think blogging has made you a more positive person?  Comment!  Toodles!