Being a Positive Person


I shoulda said a positive person-purple people eater 😉 hehe that would have been a real alliteration!  Boy, am I a nerd!

ANYWHOO, I was reading Caitlin’s blog, Healthy Tipping Point, and on it was an interesting post/comment discussion on the power of positive thinking.  I started thinking about this, and concluded the following

I actually feel like BLOGGING HAS MADE ME A MORE POSITIVE PERSON…do you feel like that? I dunno I just feel like in writing I am able to be more objective and appreciative. Does anyone else agree?

I also feel like I get to CHOOSE what I “focus my attention on,”  when posting on my blog.   So I pose that question here for any bloggers out there-do you think blogging has made you a more positive person?  Comment!  Toodles!

4 thoughts on “Being a Positive Person

  1. Does blogging make you MORE positive? Are….Are you kidding? Not possible. If you were any more positive, you’d be *positively insane.* (hehe, i’m clever)

    * Truth Time * (don’t be mad, i love you)

    I feel that a *constant* cheery attitude is not *always* productive, and can eventually suffocate one’s true personality. I think its necessary to be in touch with *all* emotions (negative & positive); totally suppressing or ignoring negativity and replacing it with a positive facade is basically begging for an eventual emotional breakdown. Perhaps because of my personal experiences and my general cynicism, I prefer to stay realistic (for now); somethings suck. Other things are great.

    That being said, i’ve *always* admired your attitude (along with many, many other things about you) and the strength it takes to be an optimist. You make a constant effort to find silver linings, look at the bright side, focus on the positive, and really appreciate both the little and the big things in life. I joke & tease (a lot) in regard to your overly-positive attitude, but i hope you know that it’s all out of love & admiration 🙂 Eventually, *if* i ever grow up, i hope i can learn from you & start seeing things in a more positive light.


    ps – but lets be honest; if i blogged, it would solely consist of dry, sarcastic, negativism, and it would love every word – its who i am 😉

  2. i’d have to agree with you blogging has made me more of a positive person. Being able to speak freely and not worrying about what anyone has to say or think.

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