Purple People Eater?

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Hehee just HAD to share this photo with you that was shared with me by Ali’s mom…

(on the left)

So, as you see here, I had coordinated my PURPLE outfit very well for Ali’s shower- WHAAAAT?  I was in the spirit, people!?!?!  Little did I know that there waws MORE coordinating to be done!  Before we left for the shower I needed to fuel with some G2 (purple of course)

And an English muffin with grape jelly. It was too funny…I guess you had to be there?  hehe

Hope you are having a perfectly purple day!  Toodles!

Haha! YAY! Sissy found my blog!


So my sister, Sara FINALLY made her way over to “the blog” and her comments are PRICELESS.  I will list below.  We have a funny relationship- she lives with my mom, yet I still don’t see her nearly as much as I wish I did- I LOVE that girl.  We work on completely opposite schedules- she is a server at the Manayunk Brew Pub (in Manayaunk- gotta try it out- great food and atomosphere, and if you have my sister as your server, great waitress and you are guaranteed a laugh).  Anyway, she is HILARIOUS. So, give it up for Sara!

Regarding my post on “wedding dress remorse,” Sara says,

You’ve gotta be kidding me – That day in the store, I said again & again, dress #1 was ‘the dress’!  Be that as it may, i soon TOOK MY WORDS BACK & realized exactly what YOU realized: you needed to be comfortable & feel ‘in your own skin’ on your wedding day. Therefore, DRESS #2, The Actual Dress, was WITHOUT A DOUBT a ‘Jess Klapper’ wedding gown: comfortable, delicate, seemingly simplistic yet very detailed, and so, so elegant.  Moral of the story – the day of your wedding, you could not have possibly looked more breathtakingly beautiful. You were perfect, the dress was perfect, the wedding was perfect. Have no regrets, lady ❤

I say…Thanks Sara- that means the world to me 😉
Regarding my post on my shin splints, Sara says,

Golly, those workout-pants you’ve got on look GREAT! Super breathable, nice fit, AND awesomely-cool zippers on the ankles. Wow. Someone truly fabulous must’ve gotten them for you……

I say, why thanks Sara, you “truly fabulous girl”  haha- it was my Chanukah gift!
Regarding my post about the new Matisyahu song I love am obsessed with (One Day), Sara says,

Matisyahu rocks my shit. Am i allowed to curse on your blog? Youre gonna report me arent you? Haha … Crap.  

I say, “I already did…”  hahah kidding!

Regarding my post on the redonkulousness of Heidi Montag, Sara says,

Most ludicrous thing i’ve ever seen. You know i support minor up-keep, but this is tragic. Gross. I’m speechless.

Usually I defend celebrities when they take a short ride on the crazy-train; its their life & their business if they wanna act foolish. Once in a while (depending on the celebrity & the level of crazy) i defend them & blame it on the ‘pressures of the business’. Be that as is may …. I have no words of defense for this nutty bitch. Sorry Heidi – You’re on your own.

I say, Sara you are right but I still do not agree with your opinion that a little tweaking is ok 😉 hehe

Regarding my post on Jimmy Rollin’s marriage, Sara says,

Ha! I heard about his wedding and immediately thought of Ian & how he must’ve wept over this overwhelming loss

– R.I.P. JRolls’ bachelorhood & any possibility of me shagging him. Truly tragic. –

I say, (Husband and) I agree!

Finally, regarding my post about the Famous 4th Street Deli, Sara says,

You are totally crazy, in so many, many ways I love you so much. 4th St. Deli rocked my shit. The matzah ball soup officially kicked my ass.

I say, oooohhhh Sara, I love you!

Hope you enjoyed that- I did!  Talk to you soon! Toodles!

The Torture Machine!


Note:  My Husband and I are flipping between The Biggest Loser and 101 Chowdown Countdown.  Ironic.  Haha.

OK, I HAD to post about my workout today on…THE TORTURE MACHINE!

YUP...that one


So, I have “patented” some amazing moves on this ridonk device out of boredom and I thought I’d share.  Hehe- Really, the following moves will vary your workout on this already torcherous machine ;-), and work different “hard to reach” muscles…

The Tradtitional "Front Step"


The "side step" great for the inner and outter thighs


The difficult-but-darn-effective-on the hamstrings "Backward Step" yes, it is what it sounds like. You do have to turn around on it...Def takes coordination


GREAT Workout!  I did 30 minutes on that and 20 on the Elliptical (it felt like a breeze after the Stair Torturer Climber!).  So, by the time I got home, I was famished!  Here’s what I made for dinner…

YUMYUM! Simple quick healthy and cheap dinner!


You must try this meal!  If you are veg, just skip the chicken and maybe add another bag of veggies.  So cook the chicken and then dump in the simmer sauce.  Micro the veggis for a little less than what the bag says so they don’t over cook.  Dump into chicken/simmer sauce mix.  Simmer for 5-7 mins. for this sauce- others take longer…judge the consistency.  Serve with jasmine rice (or whatever you prefer). 

Anyway, BL is calling my name!  Bye for now!  Toodles!



People, I am SERIOUS.  You MUST get this FREE app for your phone.  I am not quite sure which phones it is compatible with, but I have a Droid, and I know the iPhone takes it.  I’m pretty sure you just need any Smartphone with camera.  It is unreal.  So, this baby is a tool for tracking calories but it surpasses ANY expectations of what an APP of this type should do.  Exhibit 1:  The scanner- this thing is sooooo cool- you point to the barcode on ANY food you are eating and it immediately brings up the food with all of its nutritional information.  It is UNREAL!  You MUST try it!  It is just called the Calorie Counter App (for the Droid I believe). I could not stop playing with it last night!  You can zap your way to a healthy eating lifestyle.  The app also has the ability to track fitness, etc.  VERY cool!  Try it and DEF leave a comment letting me know if you think it rocks as much as I do.  Apparently many people are in agreement with me…According to an article on EZine by Joseph Stutzman,

Counting calories cannot get any easier if you own a Droid cell phone. All you need is to download the Calorie Counter application. It is a complete food and nutrition guide. It also totals your Weight Watchers Points. And the best part, it is totally free!

Calorie Counter pulls up the nutritional information on all food groups. It gives the total calories, fat, protein, and estimated net carbohydrates. Within just a few days, you will be able to see your eating patterns. You will also become more aware of portion sizes. Because it goes wherever you go, you don’t have to wait to get home to log everything in.

Thinking about picking up dinner at a fast food restaurant? Calorie Counter has a category just for your stop. Simply choose which restaurant, (and there are hundreds) and it will bring up the food menu where you simply choose your food item, instantly you get the nutritional information.

Calorie Counter also has quick pick categories for food, brands, and supermarkets. Each one is displayed by food group, so it is very easy and quick to pull up the information you need. The easy to use barcode scanner allows you to scan any food item barcode and instantly get its nutritional information, all while at the store.

The exercise diary allows you to keep track of the calories you have burned each day by simply entering the activities you have done. It will also show you a daily chart on your progress.

This hand application gives you all the nutritional information you need to keep track of your calorie intake and lose weight. And it does it all very fast since it requires mere seconds to find the nutritional information you are seeking. Enjoy your Droid.

It’s also listed as one of the top 10 apps to have on www.computersight.com … 

And here is an article detailing EXACTLY how to use the app.

Seriously, blogger-friends, GET IT NOW!





OK, so if you go to Chima, bring your appetite and your chompers!  I left full and with a sore jaw!  We went to Chima last night with our VERY good friends, Kelly and Mike. We had a gift card and were planning this excursion for a while.  We all even prepared for the evening by starving ourselves eating light all day (minus cocktail hour at my house…pre-game hehe).  So,  the salad bar was wonderful- it met all expectations…

Here's Kel working on her first plate

I HAD to take a picture of these mozz balls…how absurd!

Seriously the size of an infant's head...and NOT a premie.

Here was my first plate of food from the salad bar:

Clockwise from the top: amazing chicken/potato salad, garlic butter (amazing) and roll (x2 later), tomato and salad

I know, looks simple and I did NOT make Husband proud with my amateur eating…But, seriously, look what I had ahead of me!  So you get a chip that reads basically “YES” (stuff my face with meat) or “NO” (gimme a minute I’m full and entering a food coma)…

So, once you are “ready for meat,” they come around with meat on a stick…literally…

Vegetarians!  Avert your eyes!

Here was my plate…I only tried that flank steak and filet. 

Both were delish!  I also had a bite of Kel’s ribs and those were good too.  I am not really a meat person, so I am still suffering from last night.  I am also in a terrible mood, I think due to the weather.  BOO.  And what really stinks is that I have committed to taking a possible week off from running, because I do feel that I indeed have a stress fracture in my left shin and it is not getting better. I think what jarred me was this weekend when my brother in law convinced me that if I didn’t take care of this, my leg was going to snap in half…for real.  Bummer.  So, check out my WRKitMAP page for altered workouts this week (not by choice, but what can ya do?)…  OK, bye for now.  Toodles.

Sorry, Husband, your man is off the market


This news WILL upset my Husband and ALL Philadelphia Phillies PHEMALE PHANS..hehe…J-Roll (Jimmy Rollins) has gone and got hitched.  I know…sad, but true…

According to Philly.com, the marriage took place in the the Cayman Islands this weekend. 

Congratulations to Jimmy Rollins and Johari Smith. Just days after an earthquake hit the Cayman Islands, their Saturday wedding went off without a hitch. The Phillies shortstop and Smith, a fitness instructor and Germantown Friends graduate, were married at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman before guests including Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino. Phillies President Dave Montgomery, hitting coach Milt Thompson and former MLB player Mario Diaz were also among guests and Rollins’ former teammate Bobby Abreu, now with the Angels, was a groomsman. Cayman Islands wedding planner JoAnne Brown Events Celebrations designed and produced the destination wedding.  (from www.philly.com)

That would have been a GREAT event to attend!  Look at the guest list!  Sorry Husband (this was his man-crush), I will be awaiting you with tissues this evening.

Here’s a link the the photog’s website (I know Husband will ask me for it :-))…

OK, bye for now!  Toodles!

Saving room For din-din!

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First off, it’s a dog’s life, isn’t it!??!

Secondly, Husband and I are SOOO excited for tonight’s festivities!  We are going (FINALLY) to CHIMA Brazillian Steakhouse with one of my BEST friends, Kelly and her Man, Mike.  We always have a FANTASTIC time with them.  It’s so funny, because I have known Kelly since we were VERY little- she lived around the corner from us growing up for over 20 years!  She will KILL me, but you have to see this…

Here is a recent pic of Kelly and I (she was also a bridesmaid at our wedding).  She is adorable and SUCH a firecracker- she was and is an amazing gymnast, like world-class we’re talking here…

And here is a pic from high school…

Excuse the “picture of a picture” blur factor..but you get the point.

Anyway, I have to save up for dinner, as this is an all-u-can eat joint.  Don’t worry- full review later. I am sure it will be sooo crowded because it is Restaurant Week in Philadelphia– good becuase our normal meal will only cost $35 per person, annoying because the crowds are like they are giving food away!

And one more pic (that I found while looking at others) that I HAD to share…this would be Oscar’s face if HE were going to Chima!

Haha!  Toodles!

Back from the road again!


We had another travel weekend but this time it was destination Cincinnatti!  I had the opportunity to attend my sister-in-law, Ali’s baby shower!  Ali and I practically grew up together, and at her engagement party, I met her husband-to-be’s brother, Ian.  Ummmm yea, now we are married!  So, Ali and I married brothers…

This is Kevin and Ali pre-baby at our wedding 😉

Anyway, I am going to be an AUNT for the first time!  Everyone is sooo excited!  It’s the first grandchild in the family!  Ali is having a little girl (we do not know the name yet, so for now, it is just “Baby Girl”) and her shower was this weekend.  It was held at a friend of her’s house and was very cute!

Here is Ali and the two Grandmoms (her Mom is on the left and Kevin’s Mom, my mother-in-law as well, is on the right)

DEFINITELY the most attractive Grandmother pair, no?!?!

The shower was so fun and crafty!  The decorations were adorable as well…

As you can see, there is a book on top of the “diaper cake” because Ali LOVES books.  Everyone brought a book with their gift to get her library started.  I made really cute book tags that the girls could put inside the books so that Baby and Ali will get a special message every time they read a “shower book.” 

LOVE the cake!

…and the crafts, which of course, as a teacher I ROCKED!

Items to make scrapbook pages...FUN!

Molly, Ali's sister is holding the "baby composite" we made which I feel should have won top prize but I'm sure Ali didn't want to be biased toward family heheh 😉

Anyway, it was a GREAT time despite out cockeyed flight home- we flew from Cincy to CHICAGO then Chicago to Philly (arriving home at 12:10 in the morning, total travel time for the should-be 1.5 hour trip was 5 hours) I know makes NO sense…BUT, any trip to Cincy would not be complete if I did not post about the amazing hotel we stay at- the historic  Mariemont Inn complete with TEMPURPEDIC beds and (drum roll please)…a hidden TV!

Now you see it…

Now you don’t!

LOL.  That is DEFINITELY one of the Husband’s favorite things about Cincy…for real.  Anyway, I did make time to work out although I am PRETTY sure I DO have a stress fracture on my left shin…so I stuck to the Elliptical 😉

Alrighty…sorry for being so MIA- I will be better 😉  Bye for now!  Toodles!

If you haven’t tried YOGA yet, tomorrow is your day!

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You heard me right…TOMORROW!  It is not the norm for me to suggest that you start something tomorrow (I tend to be a NOW girl) but tomorrow is YOGA DAY USA!  You all know that aside from running and my other “fitness feats” I am a bit of a Yogi at heart 😉  I urge all of you to find a studio/gym near you and try a class.  Just TRY it!  Nothing bad could come from trying!  the website facilitating this “movement” (www.yogadayusa.org) states…

Join thousands across the country for Yoga Day USA, a history-making celebration where yogis, novices, couch potatoes and triathletes, young, old and everyone in between join together to stretch mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga. In the spirit of karma yoga, or service to others, all Yoga Day USA classes and workshops are free — or nearly free. The brainchild of the Yoga Alliance, this powerful annual event is held in yoga studios, parks, beaches and private homes throughout the US.

Namaste written in Sanskrit or Hindi 

This is “namaste” in Sanskrit (the language of Yoga).  It is generally used as a greeting and to end practice.  There are different interpretations of this, but I like this…

Namaste and Toodles!

Why I can’t talk about it…


So, all of you who know me, know I am a CRAZY celeb-gossip fan. I. LOVE.IT.  TMZ and all celeb trash mags rock my world.  BUT, there is one story that has been circulating lately that I just don’t want to talk about (yet I am blogging about it…I know).

Heidi Montag: Addicted to Plastic Surgery | Heidi Montag

Obviously this story has been “the buzz in” the Hollywood World, from People Magazine.  Heidi claims she is “trying to be the best me she can be” and that “she is not addicted to plastic surgery.”  I don’t even know what to say to this, other than…

This girl has some serious issues that go far beyond the realm of “celebrity gossip” or Hollywood standards.  It is very sad and I don’s see it as only spreading the wrong message to young girls, but as a cry for help from a young girl herself who has obviously gotten “off track” at some point in her life.  It is really a shame and I don’t even know what else to say.  Do you?  Please comment below.  For more on the story, go to www.people.com.