A LONG Catch-UP Post!


Hello blog world!  I am sorry I have been mia- it was not for lack of things to say (as you soon shall see) but for extremely hectic schedule 😉  OK, let’s get straight down to business…

Rewind to Sunday…


Sunday afternoon I hit up the pool for some one-on-one time in the water 😉  I really love days that I swim. I can’t bring my cell, so I am completely unplugged for about an hour, and lately that is RARE.  What is even more exciting is that so far when I have returned to my phone, nothing catastrophic has occurred!  hehe  Anyway, on Sunday I swam 1500 meters (60 laps) and included some kick-board work to hit my legs up.  Well, I must say that while swimming is a wonderful workout, I think I re-place all of the calories I burned while swimming a few hours after my workout. It makes me sooo hangry!  Luckily, I had thought ahead and prepped a little Slow-cooker-Sunday meal (a la Lisa at Pampered With Paige).  So, when I say scs (slow cooker sunday) just imaging the no-noodle veggie lasagna becuase 99% of the time, this is what it is!  This amazing recipe can be found  here from www.crockpot365.blogspot.com with a ton of other great crockpot recipes (that I have yet to try because I am pretty obsessed with the no-noodle lasagna)…  Anyway, the meal was PERFECT because I was blessed with a side of garlic knots (Husband ordered from the local pizza joint, as he opts out on SCS)….More for me! (and stephie-my lunching partner at work)

PS:  yes, that is Ranch for dipping (the knots)…OK, moving on…


Have any of you tried any of the Tropicana 50s?  It is the juice that has 50% less sugar/cals and taste, you know?  Heehe- I wanted to review and try for ya (and I guess for myself too).  I have had the plain Trop 50 OJ and it is OK.  It is what it is…50% less.  This time I tried the pineapple mango.  Same.  Try it and let me know what you think!


As you might remember, I had my first official trip to Lululemon on Walnut Street this Saturday.  I was unhappy because I was unable to find ONE stinkin’ pair of pants that I was happy about, but I am DETERMINED!  I am going to go back and try some on this week- especially now that I have a friend there 😉  I wanted to shout out to lil’ Miss Keri who made a trip over to UpsandDownes- Hi Keri!  She is too cute and a great employee of Lulu!  I’ll be back soon, girl!  Much appreciation 😉 

PS:  I also like that they pimp out SYS (Shanti Yoga Shala) my girl Shiya‘s new Yoga Studio…have YOU tried it out yet??? GO!


So yesterday I had not only a great workout, but I met a great person!  Shout out to Ms. Olivia Vote (Opera singer extraordinaire)- a lovely doll I met at the gym who kept me company while I braved the torture machine

It made the time go by so quickly!  Hi Olivia if you are reading this! 

I also found a newbie at the gym that is right up my alley!  Introducing…the new CYBEX!

This machine is great and seriously does work your glutes as advertised above!  It is also a great way to stay in shape for running while nursing my stress fracture as your body takes the same form of running but with feet in holsters so the impact is minimal.  Sweet.

When I got home, it was time to make…BACHELOR CUPPY-CAKES!  I deemed them this because the Bachelor always calls for celebration (although I had to turn my head several times due to the awkwardness of the show last night, and if ya make ME awkward, that’s bad!)

I like balancing my cupcakes out by using the low sugar cupcake mix but the regular icing.  Works.

AND finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MY LITTLE CUPCAKE, OSCAR!  Today he turns 5 years old! He is growing up sooo fast!  (he is as old as his Dada now in people years, hehe)…Here he is last night savoring some cupcake batter…


Toodles for now!

6 thoughts on “A LONG Catch-UP Post!

  1. I love the Arc Trainer! It seriously saves your knees too! My dad turned my on to the Arc Trainer. He’s had two (or three, I forget) knee surgeries and cannot run anymore so he uses the Arc Trainer.

  2. The ArcTrainer is what i use – love it. Burns max calories for people who need an alternative to running (me, because i have no endurance) Be careful, it’ll pump up the volume on your tush VERY quickly ;D

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