Ristaurante Pesto review…yumyum

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Last night we had the pleasure of dining at Ristaurante Pesto in south Philly on south broad street. It was sooooooo good. The food was fresh and light. I hate Italian food that is heavy and makes you feel like you need to be rolled out of the restaurant. Everything was delicious especially the company- the dear Gerallyn and Greg. Sorry no pics of these fine people as I am blogging from my phone. Anywhoo, great meal. Pictures are in the following order…
We started with a bread basket (so yummy but so proud I refrained from scarfing my weight in bread and only had two pieces) that came with these amazing marinated carrots in balsamic. Then the table split one of my faves…eggplant rotini. It was so good. It was thinly sliced eggplant stuffed with spinach and ricotta. Total yum. Then for din I got tilapia topped with unreal crab meat. It was so unbelievably delectable. Also pictured was ian’s angry lobster dish hehe. Anyway jury duty is calling. Try this place. Toodles!

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