Just another snowy Sunday


Top of the morning to y’all! I have been doing a lot of hibernating this weekend with my brutal cold and the lovely weather. So when I woke up this morning it was time to get a move on! I cleaned the kitchen big time while drinking tea and buckled down to make some Superbowl cuppy-cakes! Unfortunately I realized I have no regular milk eggs or butter. I did have lactaid, beaters and country crock but tried to make cupcakes with these ingredients before and unless u like eating sponges it just doesn’t work. So HUSBAND is being a doll and ran to the corner store for lil old me. I am also hoping to make it over to the Philadelphia auto show this afternoon as it closes today and a friend has VIP tickets which you KNOW I wouldn’t pass up. What are your plans for this snowy Sunday?
PS a great app for any smartphone is Pandora, a customizable radio station that I’m currently listening to…it’s a country morning y’all.