Operation…what the heck!?!?

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Dear Sporting Blub Bellevue,

While I understand a need for a certain degree of cleanliness in the Women’s Locker room, I do not understand the need to snatch my Operation Beautiful Post-its right off the mirror within ten minutes of me placing them!  Why don’t you go fix the broken swim suit dryer, clean the bathroom floor, or perhaps try to figure out why it is that I am forced to take a cold shower everytime I bathe there.  Actually, I don’t even care if you do any of those things- I am NOT a picky member, but please, LEAVE MY POST-ITS ALONE!  I even asked the nice cleaning lady to leave those babies up for a bit, and wouldn’t you know, the MINUTE I leave for my workout, va-va-voom- gone!  Anyway, SCB, get it together.  Give some love to the “beautiful movement” of Operation Beautiful.  Make this blogger and some others VERY proud!


One thought on “Operation…what the heck!?!?

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