This is Storm is FOR REAL!

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So apparently, they have CLOSED all the major roads in the area…the Blue Route, 76, Vine Street Expressway…WOAH!  And the airport just CLOSED and all busses are cancelled!  Holy moly!  Read more about it here

Look at the view from the back porch…

winter wonderland scene!

Like a postcard!

…And the view from the front porch- keep in mind that our neighbor had JUST shoveled an hour before!  Wowsers!

Here are my bare feet- I was NOT prepared tp brave it yet…

yellow pants at least mimic the sun!

…But Oscar had other plans…

He escaped into the snowy jungle!

…He eventually came back when I bribed him with treats  Husband yelled for him…

How is your day going?!?!  Toodles!

Another Celeb Resemblance!

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Ok, so I realize this blog is now teetering on narcissistic, but I have ONE more celeb resemblance to share…I think I agree with this one more and have received this one the most…How about Blogger Jess and…KATE HUDSON!?!?

or from before…

Poll-Daddy time!

OK, enough about me- send me your celeb resemblances!  I wanna do a reader post-send me your pic and a pic of the celb you resemble!  Isn’t this fun?!?!?  Oh…the things we consider fun on snow days…. hehe


Thank you, Mother Nature…

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For proving to this happy teacher that snow DOES fall during the week!  Yipppeeee for snowdays!  They are my scheduled relaxation, and the good Lord KNOWS I need my relaxation time scheduled 😉  I am currently savoring much needed chick TV and relaxing!  As you can see, Oscar needs his relaxation time scheduled as well ;-)… NOT!

So, what are your plans for this snowy Wednesday?  Or, if it is not snowing where you are, do share!

PS:  Not gonna lie, LOVING the fact that many of you do see the resemblance between Amanda Seyfried and I!  😉