3 weeks off = 3 miles on!


Cryptic title, no?  hehe-  VeRy excited!  I just got “back on my feet” after three weeks.  I chose this rest time for my stress fracture (left shin) and am still not sure this was enough time, but WHOOOFC?!?!?  It was SO great to get back into the groove again!

So, here I am “pre-run” excited and nervous and the same time- I really wanted my shin to hold out on me!  I am also getting over this brutal cold and didn’t know how well my lungs would hold up…

I got all “suited up” including my good running sneakers with orthodics, and Zensah shin compression sock…

(to avoid any further damage)…

Here I am mid-run…still doing well….

Excuse the face- here is where it got tricky. SO, the first two miles were AH-mazing really, and then mile three kinda sucked.  My lungs were screaming at me to stop and my left ankle starting hurting (which I assume to be residual pain from stress fracture and trying to be ginger while running)…anyway I soldiered on and made it through!  DONE!

So you, know what that means…guess what comes with me up to New York this weekend…


What are your plans for this weekend!?!?  Toodles!

5 thoughts on “3 weeks off = 3 miles on!

  1. Yeah! I’m glad you’re back to running.
    I have an awful cold too and have not been able to run in 3 days — it’s been unbearable. I’m thinking about giving it a go today.

      • Didn’t run yesterday. We ran errands in the morning. When we got home I was so worn out and couldn’t breathe. This cold is awful!

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