“Get your Rear in Gear”


Wootwoot!  thanks, LP for opening my eyes to this wonderful lil’ race!  I think I will be participating in this one…anyone who knows me knows that the colon is close to my heart hehe…well not technically (I know, you’re thinking- take and anatomy class, lady!) but really! 

According to the website,

Be a part of Philadelphia’s 2nd Get Your Rear in Gear 5K event along scenic West River Drive. Help us recognize survivors and honor those we have lost to colon and rectal cancer. Funds raised will help local efforts to raise awareness of colon and rectal cancer and positively impact screening rates. This is a USA Track & Field Certified Course for runners.

Date: March 21, 2010
Registration: 7:30 am
Tony’s Trot for Kids Fun Run: 9:00 am
5K Timed Run: 9:30 am
2 Mile Remembrance Walk: 9:45 am
Awards Ceremony: 10:30 am

MLK Drive, Philadelphia

Anywhoooo, I am ALL about this cause and I think it’s a great distance/race to begin with!  Anyone wanna join?!?!?  Toodles!

Hellooooo bloggers! I swear I’m still here!


There.  I have provided visual proof that I am, indeed, still here 😉 Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately…a combo of things has lead to my brief exit from the blog community, but do know that I missed you ALL!  How have you all been?  What have I missed?  Here’s what you missed…

(black hole)…a “whole” lotta NOTHING!  hehee.  Anyway, I am FINALLY feeling better coming off of whatever plagued my disgestive system for a few days and am ready to get back into the game!  I will be hitting up the gym today for some possible stair torture or Cybex action!  WAIT!  I just saw that AQUA FIT is on the schedule!  I forgot about my beloved aqua fit!  Hmmm…worth a hair wash again or no?  I will have to make a game time decision later 😉

I also plan on hitting up LULULEMON and getting some much needed wanted new yoga gear with my gift card (which I finally remembered :-)).  I really hope my girl Keri is there!  I was just scoping out the site and am considering the following…

Relaxed Fit Pant

Or Lulu Pant II

I’ll CERTAINLY let you know 🙂

PS:  LOVING this new (for me) G2 flavor…YUMM! (Glacier Freeze)

PPS:  I am seriously considering beginning the process of VLOGGING.  I think I should let ya’ll into what I am REALLY like 😉  which is really only possible via a video lol…what do ya’ll think? Happy Hump Day!  Toodles!