Hellooooo bloggers! I swear I’m still here!


There.  I have provided visual proof that I am, indeed, still here 😉 Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately…a combo of things has lead to my brief exit from the blog community, but do know that I missed you ALL!  How have you all been?  What have I missed?  Here’s what you missed…

(black hole)…a “whole” lotta NOTHING!  hehee.  Anyway, I am FINALLY feeling better coming off of whatever plagued my disgestive system for a few days and am ready to get back into the game!  I will be hitting up the gym today for some possible stair torture or Cybex action!  WAIT!  I just saw that AQUA FIT is on the schedule!  I forgot about my beloved aqua fit!  Hmmm…worth a hair wash again or no?  I will have to make a game time decision later 😉

I also plan on hitting up LULULEMON and getting some much needed wanted new yoga gear with my gift card (which I finally remembered :-)).  I really hope my girl Keri is there!  I was just scoping out the site and am considering the following…

Relaxed Fit Pant

Or Lulu Pant II

I’ll CERTAINLY let you know 🙂

PS:  LOVING this new (for me) G2 flavor…YUMM! (Glacier Freeze)

PPS:  I am seriously considering beginning the process of VLOGGING.  I think I should let ya’ll into what I am REALLY like 😉  which is really only possible via a video lol…what do ya’ll think? Happy Hump Day!  Toodles!

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