A Lil’ 5K PLAY!

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I don’t know what it is about me that I insist on everything rhyming, punning, and all that other nonsense.  Anyway, I wanted to share my 5K playlist because it helped me to achieve a GREAT run yesterday

PS: I am currently listening to the Hope For Haiti Album (bought on itunes)…very nice.



One Day-Matisyahu feat. Akon

Hard- Riri

Carryout- Timbaland and Justin Timberland

I can transform you- Chris Brown

Empire State of Mind- Alicia Keys and Jay-Z

Do you Remember- Jay Sean

Township Krishna- Krishna Das

(COOLDOWN) One Day- Matisyahu

OK, ENJOY!  What are your favorite playlists?  Toodles!

One thought on “A Lil’ 5K PLAY!

  1. I feel very strongly about my gym mixes. They must include anything (circa 2002 & earlier) by Linkin Park, Limp Bizket, Eminem, or Prodigy.

    A few ‘Must Haves’:
    “Sabatoge” – Beastie Boys
    “Breathe” & “Smack my bitch up” – Prodigy
    “Faint” – Linkin Park
    “Boiler” & “Break Stuff”- Limp bizket
    “If i was your vampire” & “Tainted Love” – Marilyn Manson
    “See you in my Nightmares” – Kanye West
    “LA Breeze” – Simian
    “Badd Bitch” – Ying Yang Twins
    “The Kill” – 30 Seconds to Mars
    “Elevator” & “Bounce (ft J.Timberlake)” – Timbaland

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