I-HOP, You Hop, we all hop for I-HOP (and Golden Puppies)

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Helloooooo!  So this morning my mum came down for a lil’ brunch action.  We hit up the ole’ I-HOP and boy was it hopping!  They said it would be a THIRTY minuted wait!  So we put in our name and off to Monster Pets we went to get Oscar his chew toys…ok fine.   They are pig ears. There I said it.  Gross, but he loves them. We also got him a cute bone toy with a squeaker in it for him to rip out like he always does play with it.

Ok, so while I was at Monster Pets, I fell in love…(and I was in a golden mood to begin with)

No joke, a lil’ tear might have dropped from my eye as we left.

Anyway, back to IHOP we went and got our meals in NO time!  That place is great and they even have a nice healthy menu that tells you all of the nutritional information and gives healthier alternatives (think egg substitute, turkey bacon and whole wheat pancakes).  Anyway, there are a LOT of menus menu options.

I went with the healthy option 2X2X2 (2 egg beater substitutes, two pancakes and two strips of turkey bacon).  I got thru one pancake, 1.5 turkey bacons and one bite of the egg substitute.  I SWEAR that place puts many fillers in their food because I was completely full after one pancake!  It was yum anyway…

But what was NOT yum was the scrapple Husband got with his “all you can eat pancakes.”  Yes you read that right- they do have all you can eat pancakes right now, and yes, he got scrapple.

And a close-up…

Anyway, the BEST thing I saw at IHOP was this sign….

It’s great- THIS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, IHOP IS GIVING AWAY PANCAKES in the hopes that you will donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation.  I think that is great-so great I might need some pancakes Tuesday 😉  OK, bye for now!  Toodles!

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