Super Shopper Saturday


Haha!  The shopper-pro is baaaaack!

After a long hiatus from the shopping world, I finally got my game on again yesterday.  Yes, it took an “occasion” to get my super-savings rear in gear 😉 but we prevailed!  I went with a friend to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Sanatoga, PA to outfit him for a new gig- Congrats on the promo, Eamon 🙂  These outlets DO NOT disappoint!  They are amazing-great stuff and great buys!  While we did get A LOT done, we also had A LOT of ridonk fun…

Like my hat?  LOL…

Also ridonk is the size of this dude’s feet…UNREAL!  I am making my Buddy Eamon train with me for Broad Street so of course he had to get some new sneakers and I was appaled to find out that he is a size 15!  yup 15!  How crazy right?!?!?  Check this out…

Crazy, no!?!?  Anyway, on the way back, we stopped over his parents’ house and got to play with two of the cutest dogs ever!  (Oscar, if you are reading this, of COURSE you are the most cute) hehe.  Their names are Bodhi and Joplin (love those names) and they were making out with each other- it was sooooo cute!

Anyway, that was the cuteness for the day.  How is your weekend going?  Have you done anything interesting?  Toodles!

2 thoughts on “Super Shopper Saturday

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