Horray for the 2-a-day!

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I just finished a mixed media workout at an unspecified gym Hehe…1000 metre swim followed by a 2 mile run. I am spent! The swim was fabulous; I was really loving the pool temperature. The run, however, kicked my bum! I had a darn cramp on my left side the ENTIRE time. Oh well…all’s well that ends well!
As you can see I took a break from my swim cap today as I am planning to scrub my hair immediately upon returning home. OK toodles for now!

My “rear” is definitely registered to be “in gear!”…and another Great Cause!

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YAY!  I finally signed up for my FIRST RACE EVER!  I will be running the Get Your Rear In Gear race sponsored by the Colon Cancer Coalition that I first discovered on LP’s blog!  Anyway, I am VERY excited! 

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Another great cause that I wanted to mention is as follows…The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation (according to their website)…

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government, more than $12 million in 2009 alone!

Each year, 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. Cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the U.S. and Canada. Research saves lives.

To date, over 106,000 volunteers have shaved their heads in solidarity with kids fighting cancer at more than 2,400 emotional events in 50 states and 24 countries…

A good friend of mine’s Husband will be shaving his head in solidarity on MARCH 12, 2010 at Fado Irish Pub in Philly.  This is a wonderful cause and I urge you ALL to donate!  Please click on this LINK for more information to help.  And like always, email me at jessdownes@yahoo.com with questions!

A dinner of champions!

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Last night I finally put to use the lovely Chicken RINGOS that I bought during one of my huge Target hauls…remember these babies!!!!

Well, last night was “the night” to try them…ONE WORD…UNIMPRESSED (wait, is that a word)…Anyway, you get my point.  They were gross. End of story.

I can’t find the picture I took of the his and hers plates- I had mine wtih cheesey Steamfresh veggies and Husband had rice pilaf because he refused the veggies…mature. 

The YUM highlight of the evening was trying a new Phileo yogurt flavor-Dulce de Leche and boy, it did NOT disappoint!

The CUTE highlight of the evening was my buddy Jon’s roommate’s dog, Ford…MORE GOLDEN CUTENESS!

PS:  Don’t forget to go to I-HOP TODAY and get your FREE pancakes!  Be sure to make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well 😉  Bye for now!  Toodles!