A dinner of champions!

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Last night I finally put to use the lovely Chicken RINGOS that I bought during one of my huge Target hauls…remember these babies!!!!

Well, last night was “the night” to try them…ONE WORD…UNIMPRESSED (wait, is that a word)…Anyway, you get my point.  They were gross. End of story.

I can’t find the picture I took of the his and hers plates- I had mine wtih cheesey Steamfresh veggies and Husband had rice pilaf because he refused the veggies…mature. 

The YUM highlight of the evening was trying a new Phileo yogurt flavor-Dulce de Leche and boy, it did NOT disappoint!

The CUTE highlight of the evening was my buddy Jon’s roommate’s dog, Ford…MORE GOLDEN CUTENESS!

PS:  Don’t forget to go to I-HOP TODAY and get your FREE pancakes!  Be sure to make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well 😉  Bye for now!  Toodles!

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