Multi-tasking from the whirlpool

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Yup…you read that right. So if you are reading this post it means my phone successfully did NOT fall in. Anyway this morning I woke up fairly early (for me)-9 am. I’ve been falling asleep uber early, between 10 and 11 so my early rising makes sense. Today was supposed to be an off day but I was craving the Cybex machine so off to the gym I went. I was supporting my fave fro-yo place (duh) Phileo, by sporting my special tee. So now I’m ” cooling ” down (not really…more like heating up) in the whirlpool. I did an hour on the cybex and it said I burned 703 calories. Do you believe the machines when they calculate that stuff? Do tell! PS look at Oscar in workout mode. Lol

One thought on “Multi-tasking from the whirlpool

  1. I tend to believe machines, actually I rely on my calories burned to make me feel better after working out – thats what gets me to the gym : /
    Hope you have a great weekend, missed you this week ❤

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